PokerStars Women’s Sunday – “kry19kry” Claims Victory

Unless you have been living under a rock for most of the past week, you may have noticed that PokerStars is running its second installment of the Turbo Championship Of Online Poker, which has meant that most of the usual Sunday tournaments have been put on hold whilst they are played out.

The PokerStars Women’s Sunday is one that still went ahead though with a healthy field of 233 vying to take down as much of the $11,650.00 prize pool as possible. Only 36 of those players would actually be handed a slice, with the winner promised $2,382.53.

The woman that eventually did achieve that payout was “kry19kry” as she literally dominated the whole way through the event. In fact by the time we were down to the last nine players, she had amassed 216,935 chips, which was more than double her closest rival “trader2poker”.

The Chip Counts For The Final Table!

Kry19kry – 216,935

Trader2poker – 93,616

Rxchic – 89,113

Hobi dyalli – 87,500

Veruda02 – 72,411

Lulu.pk70 – 49,138

Legomaan – 36,318

Hotjenny314 – 34,846

Apronk1 – 19,123

The first player to be eliminated from the final table was “hotjenny14”, she little choice but to attempt some moves and decided to push whilst holding the As-9d. Unfortunately for her she ran into “veruda02” holding pocket queens and was unable to hit that saving ace.

Next to go was “rxchic” who unwittingly ran her pocket deuces into the pocket aces of “kry19kry”, she was short stacked and had little choice really, though she will bemoan her luck. She was joined by “veruda02” not too long after, after becoming a short stack, she pushed with the Ad-2s and was outdrawn on the board by “kry19kry” holding the Jd-8d.

“kry19kry” was on fire now and she was responsible for knocking out “trader2poker” too, she found pocket aces again and this time made a set with them to send her opponent out in sixth.

The short stack at the start of the final table, “Apronk1” had done extremely well to last this long, doubling up on a few occasions. Her time was about to come to an end though as her Ah-7s could not do enough to beat the pocket queens of “lulu.pk79”. Despite that win, she was actually the next player to go. She ran into the red hot “kry19kry” who managed to hit her flush on the river.

With three to go, “kry19kry” had 580,720 chips which was more than ten times what her closest rival “hobi dyalli” had with 68,580. It didn’t take her too long to add to her list of scalps in this event as she eliminated “legomaan” in third place when holding the Kd-Qs against her opponents Kc-8d.

Just three hands later and it was all over, “Hobi dyalii” pushing with the Kh-Jc and being called by the Ah-9d of “kry19kry”. The board fell with the 5c-2d-3h-4h-5h to give the winner of the event a straight.

How It Finished!

kry19kry – $2,382.53

hobi dyalii – $1,747.50

legomaan – $1,316.45

lulu.pk70 – $990.25

apronk1 – $675.70

trader2poker – $524.25

veruda02 – $407.75

rxchic – $291.25

hotjenny314 – $221.35