Heimiller Wins In WSOP Circuit Horseshoe Main Event

The World Series Of Poker Circuit Horseshoe Main Event has been completed with Dan Heimiller the player coming out on top against the original 330 players that started this event. It took three days of highly exciting poker action to before he was finally crowned the champion, with the rewards being a WSOPC gold ring, the winners cheque of $117,300, a seat in the season ending National Championship and of course the bragging rights that go along with all of those.

Day 3 started with the remaining 21 survivors from Day 2 taking their seats at the felt, yet within just two hours that field was more than halved to just an unofficial table of 10. Of the players that just fell short of that table yet still received fairly decent payouts were Kathy Liebert, Aaron Kerns, Jason Stanford and one of the early tournament chip leaders Kenny Nguyen.

The Final Table!

The first player to be eliminated on the official final table was Kevin Davis as he pushed all in holding the Js-8s on the turn of a board that read Qh-4h-Jh-6c. His opponent that called was Jonathan Taylor who held the Ah-Qs, which put him in front with just the river remaining. The river showed an ace which sent Davis out of the tournament.

The next elimination didn’t come for an entire level as the players on the table tightened up their play, though when it did come the player to head for the exit signs was Charles Furey. His elimination happened when he went all-in pre-flop with a hand of Qd-Jc and he was quickly called by Taylor who had pocket eights. Taylor took out his second opponent on the final table when the community cards came out as 3h-9c-2c-7h-2h.

Taylor then sent a third player to the rail when he eliminated Joseph Worth with his A-h-Qs versus an Ah-Jc. Shortly after that Ki Kim fell in 6th place which was the last elimination before the dinner break. Once the break was completed we immediately had the next elimination when Tim Chang fell in a respectable fourth place.

We were now down to the final three and it was the chip leader coming into the day who was next to go, Chad Eveslage losing out to eventual winner Heimiller. This left just Heimiller and Taylor to fight it out for the title, with them both holding relatively close chip stacks.

The session lasted less than 30 minutes though as both players had their chips in the middle with Heimiller holding the advantage with the As-Kd against Taylors Ah-7s, the board named Heimiller as the champion when it fell 5s-10c-3c-4c9h.

1 Dan Heimiller $117,300

2 Jonathan Taylor $72,516

3 Chad Eveslage $52,902

4 Tim Chang $39,239

5 Sean Winter $29,559

6 Ki Kim $22,608

7 Joseph Worth $17,544

8 Charles Furey $13,810

9 Kevin Davis $11,026