Pollak Makes It Through The Bubble!

Hollywood actor Kevin Pollak has had an astonishing run in the WSOP Main Event, surprising many, yet probably surprising himself the most. He cannot believe he is still here, labeling it “f*@!ing ridiculous”. His aim was to simply get through day one just so he wouldn’t get any stick from his friends would bust his balls.

Pollak, who is famous for film roles in movies such as The Usual Suspects and Casino, is taking part for the first time in the WSOP Main Event. He definitely seems to be having a good time in spite of what he says. He admitted that “this was the most intense and exhilarating week of his life, that he didn’t need”.

He thinks he has knocked seven or eight years off his life due to the stress. Pollak is hardly new to poker though, he regularly plays cash games and was even a host on celebrity poker showdown briefly back home in the US.

The WSOP and specifically the Main Event is definitely something different for Pollak however. He has never played this level of poker before, and claims he is respected highly in his cash game circles. He says that the “mindset and rules of a cash game are some much different to tournament play”.

Can He Make The Final Table?

He has got what he wanted from this competition…bragging rights. However managing to make it past the bubble and Day 4 he stands a good chance of winning a nice sum of money. As with every year in the Main Event, 100’s of celebrities turned up to try their hand at this prestigious event. Though he is one of only a few that has made it past Day 4 and into the money.

To think he did it on his very first main event is pretty impressive.

“You just don’t know how much pride I have, that I will be using to throw right into the faces of the people who know me, until the die I die” he joked.

There have been over 6,000 players eliminated before him and the final table is looming up quickly. Could he really be the story of the tournament and pull off an absolutely unlikely feat?

“An Impossibility” he claims. He did however finish with a stack of over 700,000 chips in the WSOP Main Event. He is now guaranteed at least $38,453 in prize money, though he claims it is much easier to earn money in his own line of work. “I have never worked this hard for such little rewards, Thanks WSOP”.

We never know, stranger things have certainly happened. We will let you know with future updates.