Possible Reasons Why PokerStars Let Vikto Blom Go

Poker has changed in recent years, if you can think back to just a couple of years it seemed that anyone with a competent level of skill in poker had a sponsorship deal from one poker site or another, however those days seem to be well and truly over.

Deals are simply not given out like they once were; with in fact many seasoned pros struggling to find such sponsorship deals. They are now being left to fend for themselves in the world of online poker.

Many people have started to question the reasoning behind PokerStars decision to let Blom go, they are literally scratching their heads at why such a high profile player is now without a sponsor. Yet in reality there are a number of very good reasons why this is the case.

There Is No More Mystery

When he burst onto the scene he was this big mystery, this unknown player who was regularly found at the highest stakes tables in online poker. He would consistently be seen mixing it with the big boys in poker and in many cases taking thousands from them in the process.

This mystery has since gone; everybody who has an interest in poker now knows who Viktor Blom is. He is an exceptionally good poker player that is for sure, but it was that mystery that first brought him to everyone’s attention, though they have since lost interest since they now know who he is.

Personality Traits

In poker there are countless different personalities, we have the Hellmuth’s, Tony G’s and Daniel Negrenu’s who are happy to play up to the cameras. However, not every player is the same, many players like to keep to themselves and concentrate solely on their game.

Blom was one of those players, it was very rare that you would find him giving interviews to the camera’s, putting his shift in on promoting the brand that was sponsoring him. Even his departing statement that he just wanted to concentrate on his poker tells the story of the person he really is.

He isn’t interested in being a celebrity, he is interested in being the best poker player out there, and whilst that is a good trait to have for him, it is not necessarily a good trait for the PokerStars brand. Part and parcel of a sponsorship deal is promoting the brand that helps to feed you, and compared to the Negreanu’s of this world there was never enough of that from Blom.

Whatever the true reasons for the split, it does at least seem an amicable one with no bad words being said by either party. Though as it seems, it was probably a good decision for both parties, Blom can concentrate on his poker and PokerStars can explore other avenues for the advertisement of their site.