“PostFlopAction” Now Up To $1.1 Million Profit In 2013

PostFlopAction” has certainly had one of those months on the high stakes tables, with his form being all over the place. He would either win big or lose bigger which on its own cannot be good for the heart at the very least.

However, over the last week and a half he has managed to stick to some kind of form that has seen him gradually build a profit for the year so far. In the last five days he has managed to turn a profit of more than $1.3 million which has seen him increase his yearly profit to $1.1 million so far in 2013.

Just over the past couple of days he has made just over $500k, with most of that coming on the mixed games tables over at Full Tilt Poker.

A player that has suffered a reversal of those fortunes recently is “patpatpanda”. He has dropped a mind boggling $636.6k during the past couple of days with the largest slice actually going to “PostFlopAction” whilst playing at the $300/$600 mixed games tables.

PostFlopAction” also took a large sum off of “punting-peddler” on the very same tables, who is certainly having a week to forget after dropping around $1.6 million during the past seven days.

Other Recent Winners!

It hasn’t all been about “PostFlopAction” as we have had some other big winners on the high stakes tables too, with “Erik1223” putting in a good shift and taking home $188.4k whilst on those $300/$600 mixed game tables.

That has meant he is also up over $1 million for the last seven days putting his profit for 2013 at $855k.

We also saw “cottonseed1” taking $169.6k off of “Gus Hansen” during a ten hour session at the Fixed Limit Omaha Hi/Lo tables. Though if “cottonseed1” decided to walk away earlier, he could have had profits of $330k, yet stayed and Hansen managed to claw some back.

Despite that loss however, Hansen actually finished the day all square, due to him winning at a couple of other sessions on the mixed game tables.

Other winners included “ronnyr37617” and “Patrik Antonius” who took home profits of $137.7k and $104.1k respectively with both of them yet again playing at those tables of the moment, the mixed game tables.

PokerStars also had a big winner with “Barcode” making his first appearance of the year and taking $138.1k in profits. His biggest victim was that of “Ilari FIN” with him dropping around $127k to his opponent.

The Largest Profits!

PostFlopAction – (+$517.7k)

Erik1223 – (+$188.4k)

cottonseed1 – (+$169.6k)

Barcode – (+$138.1k)