“PostFlopAction” Records $535k Weekend Profits

The weekend saw another heavy load of high octane high stakes action, with the main bulk of the action happening at the Pot Limit Omaha tables over at Full Tilt Poker. The player that had the most success was “PostFlopAction” after banking a more than welcome $535k.

Most of that profit came from playing against just one player, “JohnBest”. They shared four separate sessions of heads up, with “PostFlopAction” coming out heavily on top.

They initially started at the $100/$200 Pot Limit Omaha tables, with “JohnBest” losing $33k to his opponent. Around four hours later they went at it again with “JohnBest” actually walking away the winner of $87k within just a short period of twenty minutes worth of action.

The third session was full of fireworks too, with this one lasting just over three hours. “PostFlopAction” dropped almost $200k to his opponent before somehow clawing it all back and then going on to win a further $290k. He carried that form into the last session too, as he banked a further $300k, that win put his profit up to $535k for the weekend.

It was actually these sessions that brought us the largest pots of this period, with the biggest being a $220.1k score for “PostFlopAction”. He certainly got lucky though having cracked his opponents pocket aces on the river with two pair.

Another large pot between the pair actually saw “JohnBest” take this $172.5k down as he makes trips to beat the flush draw of his opponent. The third largest went to “PostFlopAction” after he makes another two pair to better his opponent.

“patpatpanda” had a good weekend too; he came second in one of the PokerStars TCOOP events and also recorded cash profits of $318.5k on Full Tilt. Just behind him in profit was “SallyWoo” with a total of $152.2k.

Hansen Struggles Again!

In the roller coaster life of Gus Hansen, you never really know if he is going to win big or lose even bigger, with the weekend proving to be the latter with him dropping $173k. That is actually not such a bad figure for him, with him dropping a million in a day already this year.

The Largest Profits!

PostFlopAction – (+$535.2k)

patpatpanda – (+$318.5k)

SallyWoo – (+$152.2k)

punting-peddler – (+$60.8k)

With the high stakes action proving to be electric in the early part of this year, it already has us wanting more each and every day. We run regular updates on exactly what happens on both PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker, so make sure you check with us on a daily basis.