Previous Affiliate Deals Not To Be Honoured By New Full Tilt Poker

When the Full Tilt Poker client re-launches at the start of November, any affiliations that were previously in place with regards to players being brought to the site will be wiped clean. In fact, and payments that are still owed to these affiliates will not even be paid and all accounts that were previously tracked by these affiliations will now cease not to be.

On top of that, any of the players who were also affiliates will not receive or be reimbursed with any of the money that came from a result of affiliate payments.

The Rational Group, who are the parent company that owns and operates both PokerStars and now Full Tilt Poker are not liable of repaying any money that the previous ownership owed other than that of the rest of the world players money.

An email was sent out today from the site to all previous affiliates stating everything we mentioned above, whilst also stating that any contractual obligations and agreements made with Full Tilt prior to the ownership by the Rational Group are now not liable and they will not be paying any affiliate earnings.

New Affiliate Program!

When the 6th of November re-launch happens there will be no affiliation program at first, though a new system is set to start during the first three months of 2013. It is to be fully combined with PokerStars, with many of the old affiliates being offered the chance to now continue affiliating the site.

How affiliate programs work is that other sites will refer players to a particular site, in return to a small one of fee or a fee every month dependent on how much the referred customer spends on the site. In the case of Full Tilt Poker’s old system the site that referred the player would receive a small percentage of the rake earned by the site from the player they referred for life.

This made the affiliation business quite a lucrative one, especially if you manage to refer big spending players.

When Full Tilt Poker was pulled offline, the site did not only owe millions of player’s money, they also owed a significant amount to these affiliates. The precise figure is not known, and will probably never be known.

Though this was widely expected to be the case, especially after PokerStars revealed that they will be changing how the rake back system will work on the new Full Tilt, what many players would not have expected would be to lose the money they personally earned through referring as friend.