Pro Join Celebs in Support of Model Citizen Fund

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There has been a lot of giving back going on in recent months, not only from professional poker players like Liv Boeree and Philipp Gruissem but also by everyone that has been a part of the viral ALS Ice Bucket Challenge that is trending and doing the rounds on social media.

The good news is that this good will is really starting to spread as a number of players did their part for “Model Citizen Fund” during a fundraising poker tournament.

All In Magazine managed to gain access and get a little bit of coverage from the event and it shows that the likes of Phil Ivey, Dan Bilzerian and Tim James were all in attendance. They were also joined by well known celebrities and sports men and women from all over America and it looks like everybody had a great time.

The Model Citizen Fund helps to provide life sustaining backpacks for unprivileged people whether homeless or a victim of natural disasters. These backpacks contain 150 different items that help to sustain the life of anyone who receives them.

Among the items inside are clothes, food and water, personal needs and survival equipment such as a solar powered emergency blanket, sleeping bag, waterproof matches and watch. These are designed to give the receiver the tools, food and items needed to not only prolong the life of the receiver but also have a chance at starting a fresh one.

The Model Citizen Fund was founded by avid poker player and successful businessman Dan Fleyshman, who has been known for the work he has done for charity throughout his lifetime.

Below is a video of what they are trying to do for those that need the help. People can donate a certain amount or opt to purchase a number of the backpacks that will go directly to helping somebody.

It is a great cause and one that we hope gains the level of awareness that it deserves. It is not a bad start by the looks of this charity poker tournament and we would be surprised to not see a few more happening over the coming years.

Long may this current trend continue of poker and in particular the well off players giving something back to the less fortunate among us on this planet.