Pro Players Eligible For Full Tilt Reimbursement

US Dollars

The Garden City Group has recently revealed that approval has been given to them to start processing applications from professional poker players on Full Tilt for reimbursement.

One of the Claims Administrators for Full Tilt gave this description of what they class as a ‘professional’ player:

“A professional player is anyone who was designated as a ‘Pro’ in the data supplied by FTP, other than Team Full Tilt. This includes Red Pros, Friends of Full Tilt and other players.”

Those players that fit the description provided now have until the 3rd of September to fill out their petitions. Whilst this news will please most, some will be disappointed as players will only be able to be refunded money that is proven to be from poker transactions.

This means those that were affiliates of the site or were given some kind of compensation from Full Tilt will not get any of the money for doing so.

This news was sent out to all players that were deemed professional on the 4th of August along with instructions on how they are to go about filling out the petition and what sort of documentation they might need to substantiate their claims.

The most important aspect of the petition will be to disclose the total value of money made purely via professional transactions on the site. This will need to be verified with as much information as possible from bank statements, any emails, screenshots and anything else that could be used to justify their claim.

Many professional players would have already filled in claims but they have been sent new petitions to fill out that require the credentials listed above.

This latest approval for reimbursement brings us ever closer to having everybody that was owed by the previous ownership of Full Tilt being paid back. All of the rest of the world has already had their claims sorted and it has just been the American based players that have had to wait whilst the Department of Justice decided what to do considering online poker was made illegal in the country.

We will keep you updated on any other developments to this story, but we can feel that we are finally getting to the end of this saga.