“punting-peddler” Almost Breaks Even At Full Tilt

Whilst some players had an excellent month of January with the likes of Viktor “Isildur1” Blom, “SallyWoo” and Phil “OMGClayAiken” Galfond all earning more than $1 million apiece, some others have struggled to get going in 2013 so far.

“punting-peddler” was one of those players with him at one point losing a total of $1.6 million throughout the first month of the year. However, during the past week he has really started to claw all of that back at a rapid rate and due to another profit of $249.3k over the past couple of days, he is now just around $150k at Full Tilt Poker.

His preferred tables during that period were where everybody seems to be playing at the minute, at the mixed game tables. He initially started out with a couple of losses of more than $100k apiece, yet was able to turn that around during another half a dozen sessions at the tables.

The player that was to feel the most pain from “punting-peddler” was “PostFlopAction” who is another player that has so far had a good 2013. During this particular session however he came out second best as he lost $275k to his opponent.

Another player that has had a difficult time during the last week was “Isildur1” with him now down to just $3 million in profit for the year from $5 million just a few weeks ago. He suffered losses of $173.4k during this session, with him playing at the triple draw and fixed limit Omaha tables.

Other Winners At The Virtual Felt!

“GVOZDIKA55” had enjoyed a good couple of days too, with him adding a welcome $165.5k to his Full Tilt account. He had a couple of sessions over on the $200/$400 pot limit omaha which is where the majority of his profit came from.

Just behind him in the profit stakes was Phil Ivey, as he took down $154k whilst playing under his “Polarizing” screen name. He scored most of that from his old friend “Patrik Antonius” at the $1500/$3000 mixed game tables, whilst “postFlopAction” and “punting-peddler” also had brief appearances at that table.

Next in the profit stakes were “xTCBx” and the super aggressive “Rui Cao” after they took home $120.2k and $106.7k respectively.

The Top Profits!

punting-peddler – (+$249.3k)

GVOZDIKA55 – (+$166.5k)

Polarizing – (+$154k)

xTCBx – (+$120.2k)

Rui Cao – (+$106.7k)

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