“punting-peddler” Claws Back $200k Losses And Then Some

Over the weekend on the high stakes tables at Full Tilt Poker, we obviously had some big winners and some big losers, with “punting-peddler” being amongst the latter and losing $200k on Sunday. However, yesterday he hit right back and took all of those losses back and even won some on top as he banked profits of $349.8k at the tables.

He did this while playing at the mixed games tables, which are proving to be the tables of choice for the high stakes regulars lately. In fact on Sunday there was a whole host of big names taking part on those very tables with “Patrik Antonious”, “mastrblastr”, “good2cu”, “Erik1223”, “patpatpanda” and the ever aggressive “PostFlopAction” all looking to take home some big scores.

Despite some of the biggest names in poker being on that table, “Poker_KaMI” came out f that table as the player with easily the most profit for the day, as everything seemed to go right for him as he constantly kept adding to his daily profits.

With regards to losers, it was the turn of “PostFlopAction” who has had one of those years on the high stakes tables that is up one day and down the next, he lost $297k yesterday which actually has him back around the evens mark for 2012 so far.

Other Winners!

There was a couple of other players that made more than $100k yesterday with “patpatpanda” securing a good profit of $130.7k and “Erik1223” banking a more than welcome profit of $104.9k.

We also saw “wilhasha” adding to his yearly profits of $300k by another $79.3k with him taking most of that from “donthnrmepls” when they played heads up for around two and a half hours on the $100/$200 tables at PokerStars.

The Day’s Biggest Profits!

There were no real eye opening pots yesterday, well not in the size that we are used too anyway, yet the there were two that were larger than $50k. The first was a $56.7k pot which was won by “wilhasha” as he hit a two pair on the river to crack “donthnrmepls” and his pocket aces.

The next big pot of the day actually came between the same pair of players, with “wilhasha” again being the winner of it. The pot was $55.1k and saw “wilhasha” call the bluff of his opponent correctly to take home the score.

The Days Highest Earners!

punting-peddler – (+$349.8k)

patpatpanda – (+$130.7k)

Erik1223 – (+$104.9k)

wilhasha – (+$79.3k)

We regularly run high stakes reports, so if keeping up to date with what is going on amongst the world’s top players is your thing, make sure you check with us each day.