“punting-peddler” Wins $618k To Keep Up His Comeback

It has hardly been the best week at the tables for “punting-peddler” having lost a total of $1.3 million in the earlier part of the week. Things are definitely looking up however, as during the past few days he has clawed half of that back with wins totaling $618k.

In his latest sessions he added $202.3k to the profits of $416k that he made a couple of days ago. He did this whilst playing at the tables of the moment, the mixed games tables at Full Tilt Poker.

These profits could have in fact been even more but he lost $172k during a late session at the $1,000/$2,000 tables. Despite this, he still had a very good session at the tables and is in fact still going strong now.

It wasn’t just the mixed game tables either; he took a large amount of profit whilst on the $200/$400 No Limit Holdem tables against “RookieNFL”. The player that was responsible for most of his winnings though was “Erik1223” when the two of them played the $200/$200 mixed game tables, with that meaning that “Erik1223” actually dropped $217k over the past couple of days in total.

Another winner over this period was “polarizing” or Phil Ivey, he managed to bank a solid $198k to his bankroll in a rare winning session. He is still nearly $700k down at the site in total since its re-launch, though that profit would have helped. However, you can never bet against Phil Ivey, with us thinking that he is certain to start making some of the waves at the high stakes tables he used to do.

“SallyWoo” continued his good year at the high stakes tables too, taking home another $187k which brings him up over $2 million profit at the site since November. His main victim was “Gus Hansen”, who still cannot really get anything going at the moment. He did manage to claw a lot of his losses back in later sessions yet still found himself $88k down.

The final winner was in form “PostFlopAction” who added another steady $148.1k to his Full Tilt account by playing those ever popular mixed game tables. This latest win has him up a good $1.3 million in January alone.

The Largest Profits!

punting-peddler – (+$202.3k)

Polarizing – (+$187.8k)

SallyWoo – (+$187k)

PostFlopAction – (+$148.1k)

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