PureCash25 – Fitting Name for Super Tuesday Winner

Tuesday sign

The year may just be getting started, but the Super Tuesday tournament on PokerStars is running full steam. The 21/1/2014 event drew more than 600 players, with 602 runners in total. With so many entrants, it’s not surprising that the highly-competitive tourney took almost 12 hours to complete.

The money line was broken at the 5.5 hour mark with only 72 players left in the running. Among those, several had strong chip counts, including George Danzer, a member of Team PokerStars Pro. However, Danzer fell in 28th place and the final 18 were set just a short two hours after the bubble was burst. From two tables to one took another hour and “busto_soon” had the advantage at the start of final table play.

While “busto_soon” had the chip lead, the real story was with players “MORTIIIIIIIII” and “Graftekkei,” both of whom had made their second consecutive Super Tuesday final table. As fate would have it, neither of the three contenders would be able to take home the title of this week’s winner. The early action saw “23noraB”, “AsjBaaaf”, and “xSuPrA” hit the rail respectively in 9th, 8th, and 7th place. Then, “Graftekkei” became the first favorite to fall as his 9s9h failed to hold up against the AcTc of “PureCash25” in a classic coin flip.

As play continued, “MORTIIIIIIIII” and “PureCash25” jockeyed for position, knocking off the three remaining players. With “vic_xcite”, “busto_soon”, and “68ioweyou1” out of the way, the pair were set to fight it out. There was limited talk of a deal, but “PureCash25” was having none of it and made it clear that he wanted to play. His instinct proved to be right.

In just 15 minutes, “PureCash25” managed to build up a huge lead, having five times more chips than his opponent. The death blow came when “MORTIIIIIIIII” shoved on the button with Kd2d. When the cards were turned over, he found himself dominated against AdKh. The better hand held and PureCash25 was crowned the champion of this week’s Super Tuesday tourney.

Super Tuesday 21/1/2014 Results

1st – PureCash25 – $113,778.00
2nd – MORTIIIIIIIII – $83,377.00
3rd – 68ioweyou1 – $61,404.00
4th – busto_soon – $46,354.00
5th – vic_xcite – $32,508.00
6th – Graftekkei – $25,585.00
7th – xSuPrA – $19,565.00
8th – AsjBaaaf – $13,545.00
9th – 23noraB – $9,210.60