A Quick Look At PokerStars HQ (vid)

PokerStars Isle of Man

It is astonishing to think that PokerStars has seen almost 120 billion hands played on the site and has grown to around 65 million registered players since its conception back in 2001. They really are the leaders when it comes to online poker, an image they wish to preserve since being bought by Amaya gaming recently.

They have released a video that allows us all to have a peek into the headquarters of the world’s largest online poker site, something that has not been done before. Their HQ is on the Isle of Man, is highly secure and is full of a team of people that work tirelessly to bring us the world’s best poker platform.

The video shows us various departments and key members of staff and really does show that not only are they a very efficiently run company but also that it is obvious that they really have their customer’s best interests at heart. It shows that the character and core values that they strive to demonstrate are the biggest reasons as to why they have got where they are today.

Eric Hollreiser, the Head of Communications at PokerStars is the man that introduces the five minute video and he is quick to point out that the values of the company have always been the same throughout its mammoth growth.

The video then takes us through one of the most secure data facilities in the world, one that can only be accessed by a small number of people. Each of the 800 servers in the HQ on the Isle of Man can only be accessed individually by inputting an employee key code and by using fingerprint technology. This just shows that they value data security as one of their most important duties.

The video also explains how PokerStars are continuously looking to find anyone that is deliberately trying to cheat or be fraudulent on the site. They wish for the site to be completely safe for all of its customers and have a team that are specifically there to hunt out the people that are looking for ways to play foul.

They also talk about how they always keep player funds completely separate from that of any company funds, work with a total of 11 different global gaming across the globe to ensure that they are well within their regulations and are always striving to train and develop any of their employees on an ongoing basis.

The video really illustrates the goals and ambitions of a company that is already internationally huge. They aim to constantly improve their service, expand to new markets in order to give customers the poker experience that they are searching for.