“quirino” Win First PokerStars Super Tuesday Of The Year

It certainly didn’t take long for the first big online poker event to get underway in 2013, with the PokerStars Super Tuesday luckily falling on the 1st of January. There were 453 players that took part having seemingly been fit enough to play despite a large hangover or two. That number is down on recent weeks, though it is always to be expected so early in the year.

The 453 players that stumped up the $1,050 buy-in created a prize pool of $453,000, which beat the $300k guarantee with ease. The winner of the first Super Tuesday in 2013 was the Brazilian player “quirino” who took home a payout of $86,930.70 to start off his year perfectly.

It took just over five hours before the cash bubble was penetrated, with a large number of former winners of this event failing to make it into the pay. Names such as “Chilax Chuck”, “pampa27”, “NhFy” and “treezer” had all previously triumphed in this event yet all failed to reach the money on this occasion.

By the time we had reached the final table in this particular Super Tuesday, it was the eventual winner “quirino jamb” who was at the chip counts with just over 519k, though close behind was “AmichaiAK” on 465k. There were also only eight on the table due to two players being eliminated during the hand for hand phase.

After around 15 minutes we lost “GeoManousos” in eighth place after he picked the wrong time to attempt a bluff, when his opponent had flopped the nut flush. Not too long after is when the major fireworks on the final table took place.

We lost four players in just six amazing hands with “Pumpingpoker”, “Angelical20”, “UGOTPZD” and finally “AmichaiAK” all being sent to the rail.

This left us with just three remaining players, with them playing right up until the break on the nine hour mark. It was not long after the restart however as “French Dawg” pushed all-in with the Kc-3c and was instantly called by the pocket aces of “quirino jamb” and he didn’t get lucky enough to stay in the event.

The final hand saw a flop of 3h-4c-4s come down with both players getting their chips in the middle, “3daugth3rs” held the Kh-3c whilst “quirino jamb” held the Ah-3d. An ace on the very next hand meant that the former had won.

The Final Table!

Pumpingpoker – 71,615

quirino jamb – 519,745

Angelical20 – 177,100

GeoManousos – 256,583

FrenchDawg – 384,168


3daugth3rs – 287,704

Cory “UGOTPZD” Carroll – 103,080

AmichaiAK – 465,005

How It Finished!

quirino jamb – $86,930.70

3daugth3rs – $64,552.50

FrenchDawg – $47,565.00

AmichaiAK – $36,240.00

Cory “UGOTPZD” Carroll – $25,368.00

Angelical20 – $19,252.50

Pumpingpoker – $14,722.50

GeoManousos – $10,192.50

jdw321 – $7,519.80