Rafa Has PokerStars Teaching Him How To Improve His Game

PokerStars newest ambassador Rafa Nadal might be a world beater when it comes to tennis having won countless Grand Slams, yet his poker skills are far from perfect it would seem. He has now started to take poker training lessons with the site, whilst not being a complete beginner he obviously wants to become a potential world beater at this game too.

He was snapped up a couple of months ago by the poker giants in an effort to further promote their brand in Spain once the online gambling laws in the country were relaxed. He is certainly not the last sports star to be signed up by PokerStars and he will probably not be the last.

Nadal does know the rules of the game and how to play, he has never played in a competitive tournament though and will need some form of coaching if he is ever going to be able to hold his own in one.

His very first lesson was on bluffing, with PokerStars placing Nadal in a real life scenario at a golf club where he had to pretend he was a gold assistant named Tony. He had to chat to customers at the golf club and had to bluff that he was not Rafa Nadal.

The exercise has already deemed to have identified a tell whenever Nadal bluffs, he wore a pair of spectacles as part of his cover up yet whenever he was asked if he was Rafa Nadal he would adjust them. This kind of tell would make him mince meat on a poker table, though other than that he did a good job at convincing people he was not in fact Rafa Nadal.

Fun To Watch!

The whole exercise was recorded and is actually a good watch, especially some of the reactions of the customers when they start to think they are talking to one of the worlds most famous sportsmen. The girls in particular could barely control their giggling and smiling.

One particular customer went up to ask Nadal for some assistance and started what he was going to say and then just stared saying “I need some help….You’re not him are you….you’re Rafa?” to which he simply replied of course not.

Two ladies then approach him after noticing him straight away; one of them insists it is him as he looks identical. To be fair to Nadal he did manage to keep a straight face which is a good sign, though the spectacle twiddling came out again. He said “Many people do say that, but no I really am not him”