Rafa Nadal Makes Tournament Debut On PokerStars

Rafa Nadal has finally dipped his toes into the world of competitive poker, having taken part in the ESCOOP last weekend. That event is also known as the Spanish Championship Of Online Poker, which was always going to be the perfect tournament for him to take part in.

Well, whilst he is still learning the trade, he didn’t do too bad in all honesty, though he will certainly have learnt a lot during his experience.

Rafa is an extremely competitive person; you would have to be if you were going to be as successful as he has at tennis. So for that reason, you can bet that he went into this tournament to prove that he can cut it amongst a high level field of online poker players.

He was up against another 1,800 players that took the time to enter the Main Event, which held a buy-in of €200 (something tells us that we doubt he had to pay for it). The level of players that can afford such a buy-in is very mixed, some are good and some just have money to waste, yet in general the standard is usually of a high standard, so this was a good test for Nadal.

He actually started very well; he started to get in the rhythm of building his stack, with one hand seeing him play the pocket tens perfectly. His opponent may well have played his aces a bit better though, as it seemed he was trying to low play the tennis star, yet when a third ten appeared on the board, Rafa was able to eliminate his opponent. He then eliminated another player when he was holding pocket kings against pocket queens.

However, his fun didn’t last too much longer after that as Rafa was about to learn that sometimes in poker, things do not always go your way. He was holding the As-Kh and saw a flop of 3h-Ad-Jh, he did what many other players may do when he pushed al-in with the top pair.

He was amazingly called by both of his opponents who had each flopped a set, one had pocket threes and another pocket jacks. The ace on the turn just made matters worse as now his opponents had a full house apiece meaning he could only win if he hit the fourth ace on the river…he didn’t and was out of the event.

It was an amazing way to be eliminated, yet as we all know, that’s poker! We are sure he will have learned from the experience though, and more than likely enjoyed it too.