Rafael Nadal unveils his recipe for success (vid)

Rafa Nadal

Rafael Nadal is playing in the most important clay tournament of the year and he is fully aware that his competitors are going to give him a run for his money. On a good day he can defeat anyone on this surface and for Nadal most of the days are great days, but he knows that he can’t afford to dwell on his success. As the tournament is about to enter its second half, he is going to get pit against increasingly dangerous tennis players, but Rafael is clearly unintimidated.

In fact, he found the time to play a friendly game of poker with some buddies. He had his fair share of events of such magnitude earlier this year and even won a tournament in Prague in late 2013. One of his pals decided to capture the hand on tape was quite fortunate as his fans got to see Rafael in action.

Check it out below to see how the hand unfolded and decide whether Nadal was lucky to win:

The PokerStars SportStar takes his new hobby very seriously and even has a coach that helps him hone his skills away from the tennis court. Rafael might have gotten lucky on the river to win this particular hand, but overall he says that the reason he constantly wins in both poker and tennis has nothing to do with luck. It is not the hours we put in our work, but the work we put in the hours and Rafael is a hardworking person who tends to go a step further than his opponents in everything he does.