Rags To Riches Stories In Poker

It seems that over the past couple of years poker has gone through such a bad time, mainly due to the Full Tilt Poker scandal. However, the PokerStars WCOOP online series really brought home to us the very reason why we all fell in love with poker in the first place.

We saw a truly magical story of the like we have only seen on a few other occasions. Poker has a way of producing such amazing stories that remind us of just why we all started to play the game.

Just a few days ago a Russian player known at the moment only by his screen name of “maratik” wrote a whole new chapter with regards to the”Moneymaker Effect”. He went from small time poker player to millionaire over night.

What makes the story so special is the fact that his buy-in for the event was not even money, he entered a satellite for 40 FPP (frequent player points), which is a reward scheme by PokerStars. He had to navigate through several tournaments of thousands of players before he even won a seat in the $5,200 WCOOP Main Event.

Once there he worked his way through another 1,825 players, who this time were not small time players but generally top quality professional poker players to win the first place prize of $1,000,907.

We have worked out the value of what 40FPP works out at; it is less than 50 cents. This is what makes this possibly the best rags to riches story in the history of poker, mainly due to the ROI being so huge. Anyone that plays poker will know that, and we all wish we knew more about the guy that most players dream could have happened to them.

More Rags to Riches Stories!

Poker is full of these stories, especially ever since it came online. Of course the most memorable being the”Moneymaker” story, which has to be responsible in part for the huge internet poker boom. It made people realise that anyone on their day can win a satellite, go to the WSOP and win the main event.

Another story is that of the Annette Obrestad, who has claimed that she has never once made a deposit online, she made her money by entering freerolls and building up her bankroll. She then went on to win the WSOPE in its first year in 2007 at the tender age of 18.

We have to remember that through all the doom and gloom that is going through poker this year and last, that these are the reasons why we love this game. The reasons we all got involved in it in the first place, poker offers everybody a chance at accomplishing something.