No Red Spades at the final tables of Sunday Events

Black & Red

8010 players bought in for the PokerStars Sunday Million this weekend, so the prize pool exceeded $1.6 million, with 1170 players collecting a pay cheque. With so much money on the table, it came as no surprise that professionals decided to tag along and among them there were many Team PokerStars Pros.

Liv Boeree, Maxim Lykov, Joe Cada, Marcel Luske, Mickey Petersen, Martin Hruby, Andre Akkari, George Danzer and Felix Schneiders paid $215 for a chance to win the event, but only the latter made the money. He finished in the 484th place and had to settle for a consolation prize, when he ran his A-T into a better hand and failed to improve it. When the final table began, four players had more than 10 million chips in front of them and three of them finished on the podium.

“ultimateturn” was briefly the chip leader but by the time three handed play began, he was the short stack and had to take a leap of faith with a pair of fives. Before being eliminated he struck a devastating blow to icebearrr’s stack, but the German refused to give in. From that point onward he was unstoppable and doubled up several times to start the heads up with a narrow advantage over countryman “bluet0m89”.

The two players decided to strike a deal and six hands later it was all over, with “icebearrr” winning the PokerStars Sunday Million and $226,000.

  1. icebearrr – $226,316
  2. bluet0m89 – $190,203
  3. ultimateturn – $120,150
  4. vindog03 – $80,740
  5. db10ISgod – $64,080
  6. pendo71 – $48,060
  7. BC_Pres – $32,040
  8. 133850526 – $18,423
  9. VinceVegaMFR – $12,415

PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up
had 3570 participants this week, which translated to a prize pool of $714k, divided among 540 players. The first nine hours of the tournament were intense, but once the final table began, it was more or less a one-sided event. Konstantinos “arxigos” Nanos, “7Be/\eC7” and “XXDH1983” had the most chips and there were no stopping to them.

“arxigos” took the initiative when seven players were left and his aggressive strategy paid off as he took a huge lead over the pack. The TCOOP champ never slowed down and his opponents were eliminated in a quick succession, with former chip leader “7Be/\eC7” being the last man standing. The heads-up lasted only 7 minutes, with Konstantinos going all in with a better hand, to win the tournament and $112,000.

Check out the final table placement at the PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up:

  1. Konstantinos “arxigos” Nanos – $112,098
  2. 7Be/\eC7 – $83,538
  3. XXDH1983 – $58,905
  4. HeroCall123 – $41,055
  5. vicwellsuk – $30,345
  6. LeBroHbKA -$23,205
  7. pasty71 – $16,065
  8. nickym998 – $8,925
  9. Mix0 Mi – $5,712