Rettenmaier Starts Year At The Top Of The GPI Rankings

As they do on a weekly basis, the Global Poker Index has released the very first updated rankings for 2013 with regards to the very best tournament poker players in the world, with Rettenmaier literally missing being at the top spot for 2012 by a couple of days.

The GPI is calculated by a formula which sees them record and award points based on results in tournaments throughout the last three years.

Rettenmaier has finally knocked Dan Smith off of the top spot, with Smith occupying that position for more than six months. There has actually been a whole flurry of changes right through the rankings, due to many tournaments on player’s records actually maturing. That is actually the case with Dan Smith, as one of his event finishes at the 2012 WSOP has now matured and been put into period 2.

Rettenmaier will look to hold onto this position for as long as possible, as he will harbor dreams of finishing in the top spot in 2013 just like he almost did in 2012.

Joseph Cheong and Roberto Romanello were the biggest movers at the top however as each jumped five places to get into their respective positions. Stephen O’Dwyer also made some progress up the rankings as he jumped three spots into 7th.

The Current World Top Ten!

Marvin Rettenmaier – 3350.62

Dan Smith – 3346.44

Jason Mercier – 3091.30

Bertrand Grospellier – 3061.39

Andrew Lichtenberger – 2953.60

Joseph Cheong – 2923.01

Stephen O’Dwyer – 2686.24

Michael Watson – 2662.03

David Sands – 2641.13

Roberto Romanello – 2615.78

With regards to UK players, there was a lot of change at the top as Sam Razavi managed to jump up four places into 6th after having an excellent end of season in Asia. Ziman Ziyard also made some upwards progress in the top ten as he jumped four places to the heights of 7th place. The top player though, of course is still Roberto Romanello.

The Current UK Top Ten!

Roberto Romanello – 2615.78

Christopher Brammer – 2273.75

Toby Lewis – 2086.18

John Paul Kelly – 1910.47

David Vamplew – 1794.25

Samad Razavi – 1629.54

Zimnan Ziyard – 1512.07

Stephen Chidwick – 1481.67

Sam Trickett – 1434.42

Chris Moorman – 1429.89

We are expecting further changes during this month as more and more events are taking place during January, whilst there will be other events maturing meaning that players rankings will automatically drop.

We will be running a weekly update as and when the GPI release their updated rankings, so if you like to keep ahead of the tournament rankings, checking with us on a weekly basis would not be a bad thing to do.