Rettenmaier’s Win Keeps Him In Contention For The GPI Player Of The Year

Every week the GPI (Global Poker Index) keeps us in check of just who the top 300 poker professionals are the world over, by using a process that records their successes over a 3 year period.

As of this month, the 6th of August 2012 the GPI player rankings table looks like this:

Jason Mercier 2,847.8

Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier 2,759.54

Dan Smith 2,656.62

Steve O’Dwyer 2,607.66

Erik Seidel 2,596.53

Vanessa Selbst 2,594.33

Marvin Rettenmaier 2,585.70

Eugene Katchalov2, 506.21

Andrew Lichtenberger 2,416.49

Mike McDonald 2,409.86


As you can see, there has been little change this week, though one of the more noticeable ones was Marvin Rettenmaier’s actually failing a little bit. This is extremely odd considering he just won the WPT Merit Cyprus Classic a few hours before.

He has obviously not been credited by that result as of yet so his position is surely a temporary one. He also finished in 6th place at last year’s tournament too, so that event is certainly proving to be a favourite of players.

There were six new entries into the GPI top 300, these included Nam Le who managed to take down a first place in the APT Asian Series Macau. He won a cool $108,409 in that event.

Here are the new additions to the top 300:

246th Nam Le 1 ,168.91

272nd Fred Goldberg 1,113.4027

297th Andrey Gulyy 1,073.85

298th Viktor Blom 1,073.74

299th Mike Sexton 1,073.60

300th Eric Baldwin 1,070.64


the biggest gains throughout the month were achieved by Hans Winzler, he managed to climb up the rankings by taking third at the $5,300 NLHE Main Event at the Florida State Poker Championship.

Here are the rest of the biggest gains throughout the week:

40thToby Lewis 1,944.09 – +25

41st Ilan Boujenah 1,942.96 – +22

77th Davidi Kitai 1,744.05 – +18

108th Guillaume Darcourt 1,583.90 – +26

111th Sergio Castelluccio 1,576.42 – +18

113th Micah Raskin 1,570.45 – +45

141st Mihai Manole 1,455.14 – +22

147th Hans Winzeler 1,438.19 – +105

183rd Sean Getzwiller 1,310.28 – +19

228th Yury Gulyy 1,209.07 – +53

237th Craig McCorkell 1,189.95 – +34


The Biggest Drops!

56th Juha Helppi 1,879.38 -27

87th Vadzim Kursevich 1,709.76 -33

125th Vojtech Ruzicka 1,525.99 -24

154th Kevin Vandersmissen 1,424.05 -23

167th Ronny Kaiser 1,354.65 -37

208th Ben Vinson 1,251.23 -21

211th Arten Litvinov 1,247.99- 29

213th Joe Ebanks 1,245.97 -35

222nd David Vamplew 1,225.21 -42

240th Ludovic Lacay 1,180.88 -21

243rd Paul Berende1,172.40 – 62


So what can we expect over the coming weeks? Well, we have to surely expect Marvin Rettenmaier to storm up the charts, two back to back wins in the WPT I not only a record, but a huge scoring bonus from the GPI…we will keep you informed.