“Rhje” Continues to Build on August Profit

American dollars

“Rhje” won $272,147 to launch his already $1 million plus profit closer to $1.5m as he finished the day conforming he is running away with it this month, earning $1,306,470 on the NLH tables.

“Rhje” was playing three early morning sessions of 6-Max No Limit Holdem poker at $400/$800 stakes. After his first 70 hands in play, he was already $87,000 better off. “Proudlikeagoat” and “MalACEsia” were there along with “luvtheWNBA” and “Call_911”.

Shortly afterwards and “Rhje” switched sessions and started to race further in front taking the game for yet another $184,000. It was enough for “Rhje” as he left the tables leaving the rest of the players trying to play catch up with each other. “HelicopterBen82”, “CaII_911”, and “ragen70” were all constantly changing gears up and down throughout the day, each playing well over 600 hands and raking in six figure profits.

Yesterday’s Top 5 Online Poker Profits

1st “Rhje” – $272,147

2nd “HelicopterBen82” – $196,166

3rd “CaII_911” – $161,678

4th “ragen70” – $102,831

5th “SanIker” – $64,567

“Rhje” has won $2,475,882 this year, making him 2013’s sixth highest earner. “proudlikeagoat” has also been putting in some solid performances this month helping him to win $837,170, making his 2013 profits currently stand at $1,959,624. This month’s success for “proudlikeagoat” has put him as the 7th highest earner in 2013, despite yesterday’s downswing of $81,673, but the loss has had a minimal effect on the grand scheme of things for the player.

August’s Top 5 Online Poker Profits

1st “Rhje” – $1,306,470

2nd “proudlikeagoat” – $837,170

3rd “Bttech86” – $695,279

4th “Trueteller” – $461,069

5th “KPR16” – $355,196

“Denoking” was for the second day in a row taking the brunt of the losses, this time losing $264,849 to add to his previous days $332,694 drop. His two day drop has made sure he stands at -$434,456 in the red after he was $163,087 in profit. “Trueteller’s” successful run so far in July has been slightly dented after a -$234,881 hit, but he has only slightly dropped below the half a million profit mark and should be able to drag some of this back.

Yesterday’s Top 5 Online Poker Losses

“Denoking” (-$264,849)

“Trueteller” (-$234,881)

“MalACEsia” (-$106,257)

“proudlikeagoat” (-$81,673)

“Sussie Smith” (-$77,444)

“MalACEsia” continues to get the sour end of the pots. His aggressive play has been welcomed by the pros and at the same time cursed when he has produced the goods. Overall, this year it’s not looking good for the mystery Asian player as he has dropped $2,084,273 playing No Limit Holdem, leaving him with the largest Holdem loss this year, and he is currently has the 4th largest loss record in all games of online poker this year, sitting behind  “Gus Hansen” (-$3,908,527), “samrostan” (-$3,375,771) and Phil “Polarizing” Ivey (-$2,980,086).