Ronaldo Gets Double Bluffed In PokerStars Vid

Brazilian former footballer Ronaldo

Footballing legend and member of PokerStars Team SportStar Ronaldo was once again doing his bit for the site by appearing in a video in which he thought he was duping the public, et in the end it was him that got duped when his former Brazilian strike partner Bebeto came onto the scene.

The idea was that Ronaldo would be sat behind a curtain whilst members of the public were invited in by PokerStars to play some poker on a tablet. They had no idea that they would be playing against one of their national heroes and were completely surprised when the curtain eventually dropped.

However, what Ronaldo did not know was that his last opponent would be the one dishing out the surprise. Bebeto played his hand and the curtain dropped to reveal the surprise that he had played a hand of poker against his long time friend.

Check it out!

PokerStars also released a behind the scenes video where you can see more of the reaction from the playing public and the two footballing superstars themselves.