“ronnyr3761” Takes Down 437k Over Christmas

We guess that for some players, even Christmas does not stop you wanting to enjoy a good grinding session online, with the Swiss pro “ronnyr37617” proving to be the most successful over the festive season on the highstakes action.

In total he has won $437k over the last few days, with all of his action occurring on the Pot limit Omaha tables over on Full Tilt Poker.

We were not expecting so much action over the festive period, with the amount that actually going on being busier than the week running up to Christmas. Perhaps players were already trying to recoup any money that they had spent on their Christmas presents as early as possible.

He was bettered just before Christmas though, as “Alexonmoon” banked an incredible $473k on Christmas Eve alone whilst playing on the 2-7 Triple Draw tables at Full Tilt. Gus Hansen was another player that earned a much needed profit over Christmas as he secured just under $500k throughout the last five days.

Hansen had dropped $2.5 million on the site since its relaunch in November, so if there was any player that deserved a reversal in fortunes it was certainly him. He achieved his profits by playing a number of sessions on a variety of different tables, with the Pot Limit Omaha, Fixed Limit Omaha and the Triple Draw tables being his favourites.

Still No Huge Pots!

The players these days prefer to play on the CAP tables which have resulted in far less big pots. We used to expect pots of $200k plus, yet recently we are lucky to see any that are just a quarter of that. The biggest pots we saw over Christmas were all around this amount; with the largest being a pot of $64k that Hansen won when in a four way hand that saw him hit a full house on the turn.

Another pot saw “Flufferd” hit trips on the turn and re-raise a bluff by “wilhasha” on the river to take down $50.8k. Then “ronnyr3761” hits a full house on the river to win an action pot of $49.8k.

With Christmas now pretty much out of the way, things should start to get back to normal in many respects on the high stakes tables, though many players may still be in party mood right up until after New Year.

We will still certainly be here to let you know just which players are getting the best results online, whilst we will also fill you in on just who has been struggling of late.