“ronnyr37617” Scoops $183k High Stakes Profit

The highs takes action on both PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker has been at its quietest since the start of the year, though that could be attributed by there being a whole host of events both online and offline recently.

However, there has still been some action we can talk about, with “ronnyr37617” taking home the most profit recently with a total of $183k added to his poker accounts.

First of all he took down $75k whilst playing at the $300/$600 tables over at Full Tilt before he then moved up to the higher stakes $1500/$3000 on the mixed game tables where he quickly added another $107k to his profit margin.

He wasn’t the only winner on those tables though as “patpatpanda”, “punting-peddler” and the tactical “Erik1223” all took down decent scores. There has to be losers wherever there are winners, with the players on this occasion to take some heavy knocks were both “PostFlopAction” and the newly returned “Patrik Antonious”.

PokerStars Winner!

Over at the high stakes tables at PokerStars we saw one of the form players of recent times taking a bit of a knock as he dropped most of the profit he had earned this week. “wilhasha” was playing at the $100/$200 No Limit Holdem tables, with his opponent being “RaulGonzales”.

His opponent actually ended up being the second highest profit maker for this period, after taking down $180k from “wilhasha”.

The Largest Pots!

The two largest pots were both over at Full Tilt Poker, with them both being dealt at the $100/$200 Pot Limit Omaha tables.

The first was an $89.8k pot, where “sbrugby” saw his aces vs. king’s all-in hold on against “CRAIN85”. The second was for slightly less as “GSinishtaj” took home a pot of $83k after flopping a full house whilst his opponent “kipu” had flopped a set.

The player with the third highest profits for this period was “Erik1223” after he secured $145.8k whilst mixing it up on the mixed games tables. We then had “CRAIN85” ending up in profit despite losing that big pot, as he banked a healthy $92.8k at the tables of Full Tilt.

The Largest Profits!

ronnyr37617 +$183.3k

RaulGonzales +$179.6k

Erik1223 +$145.8k

CRAIN85 +$92.8k

Though the action has been a little quiet for the first time this year, it won’t last and never does, so be sure to keep coming back for regular updates on who is dominating and who is struggling at the highest stakes tables in online poker at either PokerStars or at Full Tilt Poker.