“Rui Cao” Wins $233k From Online Highstakes Action

We are back with our daily report of just how the high stakes cash action is going down on both PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker. Yesterday was certainly not as busy as we usually expect at these tables, however there were still plenty of winners and losers to report on.

Most of the action yesterday seemed to centre on the Pot Limit Omaha and 2-7 Triple Draw tables, with one player in particular proving to be very successful. “Rui Cao” managed to beat “O Fortuna PLS” in a long session with him taking a total of $233.5k from his opponent.

The seven hour session ensured that he finished as the day’s biggest profit maker at the high stakes tables, whilst he has had a good couple of weeks in which he is now up a solid $477k.

The only other player to break the $200k barrier yesterday was the delectable “Barcode”, he took down a total of $230.8k at the $50/$100 Pot Limit Omaha tables on PokerStars where he was up against the likes of “Jeans89”, “refealamit”, “Skjervoy” and “Odd_Oddsen” to name just a few.

A good slice of the profit he made yesterday was whilst playing heads up against one of the form players of late “refealamit”. He took $60k from his opponent, which helped him to become the day’s second biggest winner.

The Day’s Biggest Pots!

As always there were a number of large pots that took place during the day yesterday, with the winner of one of the biggest being “IReadYrSoul” who took $127.4k pot from Tom “Durrrr” Dwan at the NLHE $300/$600 tables on Full Tilt Poker. It was pocket threes versus pocket aces with the aces of “IReadYrSoul” coming out on top.

There was an even bigger pot between the two, with “Durrrr” again losing out. This time the pot was $129.6k, as he flopped a two pair but saw his opponent hit a bigger two pair on the turn. There were other players involved in big pots too; with “TPTK” was another player to feel the wrath of “IReadYrSoul” who hit a three of a kind on the turn to take home $121.2k.

The biggest loser of the day was “Ilari FIN”, who seems to either be in the news for being the biggest winner or like today for being the biggest loser. His losses were not as big as they usually are from him though as he dropped $126k throughout yesterday.

The Biggest Winners From Yesterday!

Rui Cao – (+$233.5k)

Barcode – (+$230.8k)

KPR16 – (+$102k)

Denoking – (+$98k)