“Run It Twice” To Be Tested On PokerStars!

PokerStars are always looking to improve their online client, always searching for new ways to keep their players enthralled and happy. The next consideration they will be making will be the “Run It Twice” feature which has been such a success in televised cash games.

PokerStars have announced that they have been testing it on their PokerStars Test client, which is a site allows only free chip play. They use this test client to test all new features before deciding whether or not to include it on their main client.

What Is “Run It Twice”?

“Run It Twice” is a feature that allows all players that opts into it before a hand starts a chance to split a pot. It works by running two separate variations of the remaining community cards once one or more players are all-in.

This means that a player could win the whole pot or it could be shared amongst players that have won a certain amount of the variations. It ensures much bigger pots and a lot more action and is hugely popular already on the test site, whilst players on the main site have been requesting it for ages.

Any player that wishes to use the feature must opt in to it before each hand, whilst no player is able to change their mind or opt in as the hand plays out. If any players have committed all of their chips at any given point before the river and have been called by at least one opponent, the remaining community cards will be dealt twice to offer two different outcomes to the hand.

There has been no solid announcement on when it will be implemented onto the main site as of yet though rumours suggest that it will be implemented on the next big update performed by the site.

PokerStars will not be the first site to have used a “Run It Twice” feature, in fact the site Full Tilt Poker which they have just acquired used to use the feature and will most likely keep it going once the site has been re-launched.

One big difference between how PokerStars will run it compared to other sites is that they will not take any additional rakes from the pot.

Also in the pipeline for PokerStars is a new interface, with it again to be tested on their test site first. The changes are set to be the biggest ever seen to their client with a much more intuitive interface. We will certainly be hugely anticipating the changes the biggest online poker site PokerStars will be making.