Sahamies Hits Big Profits Of $468k

road to profitIlari Sahamies certainly had a memorable year in 2012, though much of it was for the wrong reasons. He was severely in the red for the year right up until the last couple of months where he managed to turn it all around and recoup his losses.

2013 has actually started on in the same roller coaster type way, with him winning and then losing not so long after. He has always been the type of player that wins massive amounts or losses them, with a very do or die attitude to his poker.

Sahamies has now only just gone back to the Full Tilt Poker tables from PokerStars after the site re-launched in November last year. This return hadn’t gone as planned for him, with the player regularly dropping money. This has all been erased over the past couple of days however as he has gone on a winning run over at PokerStars which has brought him $460k profits.

“Ilari FIN” was seen playing mostly at the $100/$200 Pot Limit Omaha tables, where he was up against the likes of his biggest victim “mTw-Davin”. His biggest single pot during that session saw him take $99.9k from that very same player when he made a flush to beat his opponents straight.

That wasn’t the biggest pot over this period though, with that accolade going to “wilhasha” and “Ben86”. It was the former that won the hand when his opponent attempted to bluff when his straight draw wasn’t made, calling it to give himself a $116.8k reward.

Amongst the other winners, there was Phil “Polarizing” Ivey taking home an impressive $261.7k and “Erik1223” who added another $225.2k to his Full Tilt account. We also saw “Isildur1”, “mastrblastr”, “Poker KaMI” and the super aggressive “DealMeInFast” recording profits of more than $100k each. They were all playing on the ever popular mixed game tables, up against the likes of “trex313” and “Rui Cao”.

Where there are winners, there has to be losers too, with the biggest of them being both “patpatpanda” and “punting-peddler” both accumulating losses of $700k combined.

The Top Profits!

Ilari FIN – (+$468.5k)

Polarizing – (+$261.7k)

Erik1223 – (+$225.2k)

Ben86 – (+$213k)

It has been an action packed year so far on the high stakes tables at both PokerStars and Full Tilt, with the year looking like it will better last year already. To stay in touch with what action is constantly unfolding on these tables, be sure to keep checking with us for our latest high stakes reports.