Sahamies is One to Watch

Finnish Poker professional Ilhari Sahamies has been the talk of the town during 2012. The experienced Finn has made some great plays, awful plays, and all in all lost loads of money at the online Poker tables. He went several weeks straight without going out of the red and several people speculated that he might have gone bust and lost all of his money.

But the Finn has returned to the form of his glory days in 2011 where he won over $1,000,000 throughout the year in online winnings. Last week Sahamies went on a 2,521-hand run against Swedish star Viktor Blom and Ben Tellerene. When the dust had settled and the players had counted their cards and money; Sahamies had won $424,000.

This helped him get rid of a sizeable part of his loss for the year but the fact is that the Finn is still down $500,000 playing at Pokerstars this year. But the Finn doesn’t seem bothered by all the talks around him and it looks like he’s going to keep playing Poker until he is back in the black.

During the same time last year he was also about $500,000 down but that’s when he started one of the most impressive turnarounds in online Poker history and won back $1,500,000 in 6 months, leaving him with $1,000,000 in winnings during 2011. Now only time will tell if he can stay on this hot streak and make sure to get back the money he has lost so far.

Even though Sahamies was the biggest winner of the week he was still closely followed by Ben Sulsky. Sulsky has been the real surprise of the year and he has managed to win over $2 million in just under 6 months. This has made him the biggest Pokerstars winner by far this year but he has still not been given the attention or recognition that he deserves

During last week he racked up a total of £300,000 in winnings, putting him $124,000 behind Sahamies for the top spot of the week. Even though Ben Tellerene had a massive meltdown against Sahamies and lost quite a lot of money, he still managed to end the week with a profit of $183,000. This made him the sixth largest winner of the week, an impressive feat if you look at his performance against the Finnish star during his last few days.

The biggest loser of the week award goes yet again to Zypherin. This anonymous player lost $554,000 in just one week, making him by far the biggest loser. This has led the Poker community to speculate that the player behind the name might be no other than Guy Laliberte. The Circus de Soleil founder has been known to have several different Poker accounts online and they all seem to end up with huge losses for one reason or another.

This year the account holder of Zypherin has lost an astonishing $2.4 million, making him by far the biggest loser of the entire year. In fact, he alone has lost more money than the biggest winner of the year has won.

Dan Cates was the second biggest loser of the week as he went back over $300,000 against a series of opponents. The regular high-stakes player is fairly new to the rankings as he has just moved over to the superior Poker client and competition at Pokerstars. He had a great start, winning over $100,000 in his first week but that winning has blown away and he is now completely in the red. However, he is still not as bad as Zypherin.