Sahamies Recovers Some Losses!

Ilari Sahamies has had one of those years that are up and down, yet this year has been more about the downs than the ups. The high stakes player who ply’s his trade on PokerStars as found himself more than a million down on many occasions this year with regards to online poker.

He has a pretty torrid time this year so far with him being in the red for around $1 Million for most of this year, however he regularly jumps back up only to see himself fall right back down.

Yesterday Was A Good Day!

As he started playing yesterday he was still close to $1 million in the red despite having a fairly good spell both online and offline, however yesterday was certainly one of his better days.

He manages to bank a healthy score of $340k in a session that didn’t last more than 4 hours yesterday. He was playing at the $200/$400 Pot Limit Omaha tables, though before any Sahamies fans get overly excited it is worth noting that he actually lost $200k the following night and now actually stands at just $27k up for the day.

One of Sahamies biggest hands of the day was when he won a pot of $143k against Ben “Sauce123” Sulsky when he was holding a nut flush draw and managed to connect versus his opponents over pair. Another big hand for the finish player was when he flopped a set of fours and a nut flush draw to completely dominate the pocket aces of ‘Jeans86”.

The Biggest Online Pot Of The Day!

Sahamies wasn’t involved in the biggest pot of the day though as that honour went to three other players who contested one particular hand. “patpatman”, “Kanu7” and “Sauce123”. ‘Kanu7” played an intelligent hand when he managed to slow play both of his opponents when he held pocket aces.

What made the hand so effective was that ‘Sauce123” actually made the second best hand possible and would have been distraught that he lost out to the complete nuts.

Patpatman continued his fine form as he managed to bank another $332k meaning he has now profited to the tune of $550k in the last couple of days. He like Sahamies though is still well down on the year in total.

Both players will be looking to continue their current form to try and pull themselves out of the red for the year, though it is never as simple as it may seem. There is still time however and it would be a couple of remarkable stories if they indeed did manage it.

Top Profits On Thursday:

• Ilari FIN +$340.2k

• patpatman +$322.4k

• LewisFriend +$262.9k

• 1Il|1Il|1il| +$163.3k

• RaiseOnce +$117.5k