Sam Trickett – Europe’s Highest Earning Poker Player

We at this site are obviously impartial the majority of the time, yet we have to pay homage to our own from time to time, with Sam Trickett and his last nine months in poker practically forcing us to. He might not quite be up there with the biggest names in the game just yet; however, he has earned more money than most of them that would be.

The boy from East Retford initially harbored the dreams that most of us did when we were younger; he wanted to be a professional footballer. His dream almost became a reality too, as he signed for Hartlepool Town and played competitively until one day disaster struck.

He had received an injury in 2005 that required knee surgery, with that surgery also putting paid to any future that he had in the game.

Sam Discovers Poker!

After recovering from that injury, he wasn’t the type of person to dwell on his misfortune; he immediately started to think about what else he could do with his life. He soon found it, after visiting casinos with his friends.

He stumbled onto poker with him before long becoming a big regular at the poker clubs and casinos all around Sheffield.

He then started to play online; simply starting with $10 SNG’s and was an instant success. His live results combined with his online results quickly brought him a bankroll that allowed him to start taking in some higher stakes action.

He started playing on the GUKPT tour and started notching up the cashes, earning scores thousands at a time before his first real breakthrough occurred. He won $15,600 in the WPT Five Diamond World Poker Classic in 2007 which paid him $15,600. That is small fry to what he has now but that is where it started.

The very next year he came 4th in a WSOP event for a massive $245,927 and won another GUKPT event for $198,812.

In 2010 he made some more serious cashes as he finished as runner up in another WSOP event for $505,725, finished 7th in another for $141,168 and then came fourth in the EPT Vilamoura for $200,374.

The next year in 2011 things got even better, with him earning a massive $1,603,744 for winning the Aussie Millions $100k challenge and then followed it up with a second place finish in the Aussie Millions Super High Roller for $1,472.289 and finished the year with a win at the Partouche Poker Tour Main Event for $1,434,514. This was the year when he really started to become noticed on the world poker scene.

2012 Could Things Get Any Better?

After winning almost $5 million in 2011, it would be hard to imagine that life could get any better for 2012. Well, it certainly did, as he took home a staggering $10,112,001 for finishing second in the WSOP Big One For One Drop, this put him in second place amongst the all time top earners in poker.

Just to confirm that he isn’t just a flash in the pan, he has started 2013 with a bang too, after winning the Aussie Millions $250k Challenge for another large score of $2,103,271.

The guy is not only Britain’s most successful poker player with regards to earnings, but also the most successful in Europe and second most successful the whole world over.

Anyone that needs reminding of the courage and ability that this guy has, just has to watch this video.