Sam Trickett Takes Down $307k At The High Stakes Tables

It has understandably been a little quiet of late at the high stakes tables at both Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars; professional poker players have Christmas commitments too. However, the action has picked up a bit over the past couple of days with the best performer during that time being Sam “S3 TRX” Trickett as he has scooped a profit of $307,000.

Another big winner who was not too far behind Trickett was “Schoiti” who took home a good profit of $280,000.

With regards to Trickett, he managed to take all of his profit in less than three hours, with him playing just two 90 minute sessions on the Pot Limit Omaha tables at Full Tilt Poker. Those very same tables were also where most of the biggest winners came from, with “Bttech6”, “pyschobenny” and the super aggressive “mikki96” tabling profits of more than $100k.

PokerStars only saw one big winner with “Pauleadier” taking home a good score of $118.9k from the $25/$50 Pot Limit Omaha tables.

Those Who Were Not So Lucky

Where there are winners, there also has to be losers with regards to poker a few players recording some significant six figure losses. “howisitfeellike” was the biggest of them all as he dropped $200k on those PLO tables whilst “Vaga_Lion”, “davin77” and “patpatpanda” all dropped more than $100k.

Big Pots!

We have seen far bigger pots this year; however with most of the action taking place on CAP PLO tables, the pots were very limited. The biggest was won by “Schoiti” after he won a hand that had four players going all-in; he hit a full house and took the $64k pot.

“Schoiti” actually claimed the next biggest too, this time when he hit a flush to beat the three of a kind tens of Trickett to take home the pot of $51.2k.

The 2-7 Triple Draw tables have been where most of the action has been taking place over the last few weeks, yet they were pretty quiet during this period. “Alexonmoon” and “Seb86” were the only two notable winners there with scores of $51k and $46k respectively.

The Biggest Profits!

S3 TRX +$307k

Schoitl +$279.9k

Bttech86 +$140.6k

luckyulsa +$118.9k

Though many of the other big names have not been seen for a little while, we are sure they will be back during this week at some point. They will all be looking to try and take home some extra money to cover their expenses over Christmas, though it is doubtful that they really need it.