Santa Grinds Online At PokerStars – Really He Does!

We don’t quite know how he is doing it, what with his massive schedule over Christmas, what with him having to deliver countless gifts, eat countless mince pies and consume countless glasses of port, but it has been confirmed that Santa is indeed going to be spending some time on the poker tables at PokerStars this Christmas.

Perhaps he has as an android phone or one of those fancy tablets and is playing whilst flying along on his sleigh (not sure what the sleigh flying laws are on using your phone whilst flying are though mind you). Does it really matter how he is going to pull it off anyway? He already performs miracles by delivering gifts to how many millions of children…all in one night? If he can do that, then anything is possible.

We have been informed that he has notified PokerStars personally with regards to the fact that he will be dropping onto a number of tables on the site between the dates of the 24th and 26th of December. He will be coming bearing gifts too, with players who are dealt into a hand whilst he is there being rewarded with cash amounts that could be as much as $50.

It seems he has a penchant for cash games though, so do not expect to see him popping up in any tournaments or SNG’s. So if you really want to see Santa Claus, make sure you are on one of the cash ring games.

From what we are told, Santa first picked up poker when discovering some of his elves playing one night and asked if he could join them. Santa is now an avid poker fan and plays throughout the year on an undercover screen name where it is known he multi tables like a maniac! However, he has decided to show his true identity over Christmas and reward some of the players that he has grinded with throughout the year of 2012.

Ok Seriously Now!

PokerStars will be running this promotion from the 24th of December with it running until the 26th, with all you have to do to qualify is to be playing on any stakes cash tables between those dates. If Santa makes an appearance at the table, you better hope that you are not sitting out or you will to put it bluntly…miss out!

All players that get dealt into a hand whilst Santa is at the table will receive a cash prize into their PokerStars account which could be anything up to $50.