“Sauce123” Breaks The $4 Million Mark For 2012

It was only yesterday that we announced that Ben “Sauce123” Sulsky had broken the $3.5 million barrier for his profit for the year. We were certainly not expecting him to then get the next $500k so quickly; we thought it may take a couple of weeks.

However, he seems to have found more sensational form near the end of the year, which is perfect timing with regards to becoming the highest earning high stakes player of 2012. This means that within two days he has added $900k to his yearly profit which puts him at $4,086,669.

This is the sort of form that is making more and more people think he has the race all but sewn up at the top of the yearly money makers board with regards to online high stakes action, however his closest rival Ben “Ben86” Tollerene should not be counted out just yet. As we have seen of late, players can go on massive up or down swings of millions of dollars, Ilari Sahamies is proof of that, so with six weeks to go until the end of the year, just about anything could happen.

Yesterday saw him smashing his opponents on the $200/$400 Pot Limit Omaha tables, where he was up against the likes of “Ilari FIN”, “Bernard-bb” and “OHuman0”. Each of those players made losses for the day, with “Sauce123”being the main culprit for that.

Biggest Pot Of Year So Far!

“patpatman” was another player who had a pretty good day yesterday, with him also being the winner of what was the biggest pot seen on the high stakes poker tables at PokerStars this year. He won a massive pot of $402.6k in a hand where he had flopped the nuts only to see “Barcode” hit the nuts on the turn, then luckily reclaim the nut hand on the river with a full house.

The biggest winner of the day “Sauce123” also hit a few big pots of his own, including a good sized pot of $265.3k against “1-ronnyr3” when his flopped three of a kind outlasts his opponents flush draw. He then took another of $156.9k when he hit a flush on the turn to beat “patpatman”.

Tom “Durrrr” Dwan was also back to grinding away on the Full Tilt tables yesterday with things starting off quite difficult for him as he went down $360k. He later recovered most of those losses later on though whilst playing at the $1.5/$3k 2-7 Triple Draw tables.

The Biggest Profits Yesterday!

Sauce123 – (+$506.8k)

mastrblastr – (+$360k)

patpatman – (+$141.2k)

Alex Luneau – (+$106k)