“Seb86” The Days Highest High Stakes Earner With $140k

We would be forgiven to expect that the high stakes tables would be a little empty during this week with some massive live events going on and a certain FTOPS taking place on Full Tilt. In many ways this was true, but there were still a fair share of players battling it out at the highest stakes going.

Yesterday presented us with yet another solid day’s worth of high stakes action, with the tables at Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars full of all of the regular nosebleed stakes grinders. However, the one who managed to take down the most profit was Sebastian “Seb86” Sabic who scored $140.4k for the day.

That total had him just above the second highest score of $137.6k which was made by Eugene “fishosaurusREX”. Both players achieved their results over on the 2-7 Triple Draw tables at Full Tilt Poker, whilst the two players that finished in the next top spots also achieved their profits there. “Alexonmoon” and “Rui_Cao” added $124.8k and $121.7k to their respective accounts.

“patpatman” The Day’s Biggest Loser!

Whilst “patpatman” has recently had a bit of an upswing in his fortunes, it may well be over as he dropped $304.3k yesterday. That is not good going after a mammoth 13 hour session, which probably made him wish he didn’t log on in the first place.

Gus Hansen was another big loser yesterday, dropping a large amount whilst playing against all of the players mentioned above. He really cannot seem to get out of this rut that he is in, with his losses at the site turning into a few million already. He will be hoping that things start to improve…and quickly, especially considering he once had a $6 million upswing at the site.

The Day’s Biggest Hand!

“patpatman” was the player to be at the wrong end of the day’s biggest pot as he pushed all-in when he hit a set on the flop, yet his opponent “pummelfee123” manages to river a straight to take home the pot of $97.4k.

The Action At PokerStars!

It was a little quieter on PokerStars than usual yesterday but there were still some big winners. “mTw-DaviN” recorded profits of $100.1k whilst “Taurete07” also managed to score $80k.

The biggest pot at the site was won by “yahii” who hit a full house on the turn to crack open the pocket aces of “HeadShotSyoV”. That gave the victor a nice pot of $96.1k, whilst giving the loser a little less change in the pocket.

The Days Highest Profits:

Seb86 – ($140.4k)

fishosaurusREX – ($137.6k)

Alexonmoon – ($124.8k)

Rui Cao – ($121.7k)

mTw-DaviN – ($100.1k)