Seminole HRPO Day 2 – $2.5 Million Overlay


Day 2 of the Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open has just come to a close after the 499 players that first took their seats at the start of play were cut down in size to just the 62 that will come back later today to contest Day 3.

Day 2 finished with John Dolan topping the chip counts with 3,005,000 whilst the likes of Martin Hanowski, Joe Kuether and Dan Colman are chasing him down in the top ten.

Each of those left in the event are now sure of a decent payout after the bubble period was passed on Day 2. The top 300 were guaranteed a payout in this event that actually has an overlay of $2.5 million as not enough players entered to cover the $10 million guarantee. This is of course good news for the players as they far more value in the event.

The bubble boy was Joe Weissman who pushed all-in with the Qs-Qh and was called by the Kh-10d of Bao Nguyen. He looked in great shape but got extremely unlucky when the flop fell as the 7d-5d-2d meaning that one more diamond would see him eliminated. The turn card fell as the 9d and was sent home in 301st place with no money.

Ryan Riess, Joe Cada, Vinny Pahuja and Brian Hastings were some of the biggest casualties on Day 2, though they will now consider playing the Super High Roller at the Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open.

The action continues at 12pm local time and will see those lucky enough to have survived thus far battling it out to get to the final table. Join us tomorrow for the latest report on this ever popular event to discover just which players look set to take home sizeable chunks of money.

The Current Top Ten

1st) John Dolan – 3,005,000

2nd) Farhan Madhani – 2,191,000

3rd) Martin Hanowski – 1,848,000

4th) Sergei Rybachenko – 1,739,000

5th) Robert Park – 1,390,000

6th) Joseph Kuether – 1,373,000

7th) David Tiffenberg – 1,239,000

8th) Daniel Colman – 1,237,000

9th) Eugene Curzio – 1,228,000

10th) Hans Winzeler – 1,225,000

The Prize Pool Information

1st) $1,446,710

2nd) $1,047,638

3rd) $748,313

4th) $548,763

5th) $424,044

6th) $324,269

7th) $249,438

8th) $199,550

9th) $149,663

10-12th) $99,775

13-15th) $77,326

16-18th) $59,865

19-27th) $49,888

28-36th) $39,910

37-45th) $34,921

46-54th) $29,933

55-63rd) $24,944

64-81st) $19,955

82-99th) $14,966

100-150th) $12,472

151-200th) $9,978

201-300th) $7,483