Senators Pushing For New Jersey Gambling Legislation

In a recent development it has been revealed that four different NJ senators have penned a letter to the Governor of state Chris Christie, with the meaning of this letter in regards to pressing for legalised gambling in the state.

These senators are suggesting that the Governor acts quickly in signing a law that would allow the state authorise online gambling, mainly due to many other states pushing for the same result.

This bill is literally at its final stages in much the same way that a similar was in 2011; with all that is needed is a sign by the Governor. Online poker is basically one step away from becoming real in New Jersey; though some fear there will be a similar S1565 fate as the last one.

45 Days To Act!

The Governor Christie actually has just 45 days left to make a decision and sign the bill, with the result if he doesn’t meaning that the law will stand. He has until the 3rd of February, yet if he was to sign earlier that would obviously make the whole process a lot quicker.

This letter was signed by not only the NJ State Senate President Steve Sweeney, but also by three other senators in the shape of Ray Lesniak, Jim Whelan and the ever popular Jeff Van Drew. The urgency of the letter was obvious as they all feel that New jersey shouldn’t waste any time at taking advantage of an industry that could bring the state not only millions, but also thousands of jobs.

The letter was quick t point out the devastation that Hurricane Sandy had caused, whilst it also mentioned that the online gaming market was worth $30 billion worldwide with the USA only accounting for 15% of that.

The letter stressed the urgency that this bill should be signed with them all agreeing that it would be a massive missed opportunity if New Jersey did not capitalise on this kind of venture, especially since the inevitable will happen eventually.

To us it seems that online poker is just a few steps away in America, okay there are many states, but once on, two or three start agreeing and the rest start to see the revenue and benefits that can benefit a state, the rest will start to tumble.

Whilst it may take a little time before it is fully legal in states, we feel that within two years at the maximum, the game that we love will be available to everyone that wishes to play it in that country.