“SennaBoris79” Turns To High Stakes After TCOOP Payout

A few days ago we saw the end of the ever popular PokerStars Turbo Championship of Online Poker, with the top seven players in the Main Event agreeing to make a chop on the prize pool. This is nothing out of the ordinary, especially in an event that had an original field of 5,060 players that built a prize pool of $3,300,000.

As part of this chop, the player that finished in seventh by the screen name of “SennaBoris79” took home his cut which was $193,069.50. He actually only made his way into the $700 buy-in event by virtue of a $27 satellite, so that achievement on its own was exceptional.

However, most of us as amateur players would happily withdraw that sum from PokerStars, as it is life changing money. Not “SennaBoris79”, in the last couple of days he has been seen mixing it on the high stakes tables with some of the best poker professionals around.

He has literally been risking his winnings in the thousands at the$50/$100 No Limit Holdem tables against some regular online and offline professionals such as “KTPOKP” , “phounderAA”, “thecortster”, “Lottenice” and the stupidly aggressive “k0b0Ldm4k1”.

Whilst he is certainly not the first amateur player to have won a big score in a big tournament and then headed straight over to the high stakes tables to tackle some of the high flyers, he has certainly lasted longer and done better than the majority of his predecessors. Most either lose all of their winnings or at the very least a large chunk before they disappear with their tails between their legs.

In the early stages it did actually look like the same thing was going to happen as in his very first session, he lost his first buy-in and had to reload. However, he came back and clawed that back and actually finished that particular session with a quick profit of $27k.

He wasn’t finished there either, rather than being content with an excellent quick profit, he wanted more. He had another session the following day and things started off even worse for him on that occasion. He quickly burned through three reloads at the table and it looked like he was sure to end up losing his winnings, yet he again managed to grind it all back and again left the table with $30k in profit.

He hasn’t been back since, though that probably might be a good thing as we wonder just how long this can go on for before it all ends in tears.