Shannon Shorr Climbs Kilimanjaro

trekker at mount Kilimanjaro

He is normally used to winning mountains of money but Shannon Shorr has now actually managed to climb one of the world’s most famous mountains. On Friday just gone, he and good friends Jesse and Paul Yaginuma managed to make it to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, a feat that really should not be underestimated.

Obviously and understandably delighted with his achievement he posted pictures on his Twitter account and wrote a special blog about what he had just done.

In his blog he claims that when the idea was originally pitched to him, he found it funny simply because it was not something that he believed he would be able to do. As you can see though, he is delighted with himself for going for it.

The idea was proposed by Jesse and Paul over a year ago. I initially laughed it off thinking it was an unattainable goal. I’m really, really, really glad I looked further into it.”

He then talks about how he trained for the experience after the World Series of Poker, how he traveled for 22 hours to get to Tanzania to discover his important hiking luggage was not there before detailing his experiences of climbing the mountain.

One of those experiences was of the outhouses that they had to use throughout the journey, something that you can imagine is not going to be the most memorable part of it.

On night 1 I had my first experience with the Kilimanjaro outhouses. The process was to squat to a hole in the ground when as we like to say, you’re “changing your diaper”. The outhouses aren’t exactly clean and don’t smell the greatest. It was a workout in and of itself.”

The blog is quite a long one and is well worth a read as we have only summarized it a little here. He also has plans to make a short video that will include some of the coverage that they took during the climb, which is certainly something for us all to look forward too.

We would like to congratulate all three for what they have done, an accomplishment that by any standards is not easy.

He is also not one to hang around either, just three days later after his achievement he was already over in Barcelona in anticipation for the European Poker Tour Season 11 opener in the city.