Shawn Buchanan Enters Record Books With Tourney Win


Ask nearly any online poker player what is a Triple COOP winner and they are likely to give you blank stares. Why? Because it’s never been done before. Until now. Shawn Buchanan, who plays under the name of “buck21” has just become the first person to boast wins in all three of the major online poker tournament series – the World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP), Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP), and Turbo Championship of Online Poker (TCOOP).

With the large number of entries for every tournament and the grueling play of top-notch professionals, pulling off this Triple Crown feat is quite impressive. In total, it took four years for Buchanan to enter the record books by doing exactly that. The first stage cam in 2010, when “buck21” won his first major at that year’s WCOOP. Then in 2012, he took down a SCOOP tourney to become one of the few to notch up titles in both events. Last year he added a second SCOOP win to his resume. This year, his sights were on the TCOOP and the win came in one of the most difficult poker variants – Razz.

Event 33 of the TCOOP was an $82 Turbo Limit Razz tourney that pulled 1,075 runners out of the woodwork. Surpassing the guarantee of $50,000, the total prize pool was $80,625, leaving $14,714.50 for first place. With the turbo structure, things moved quickly and soon the original entrants were down to the money line of 136. Team PokerStars had only one player in the money, Nacho Barbero, who finished just inside the line in 123rd place.

At the final table, Buchanan got off to a solid start, playing tight and aggressive. Midway through, “buck21” got the double-up he needed at the expense of “ALEE24,” the starting final table chip leader. From then on, it was smooth sailing as Buchanan climbed up the ranks rapidly while others fell to the rail. In the end, there was only one player left to beat – “jickgh_ty” from Iran. The pair started battle, but “buck21” was to far ahead to look back. In ten hands, all the chips were in the middle and Buchanan’s 5c4d6dAc7hKsQc was more than good enough to best the 9-low of his opponent.


1st – Shawn “buck21” Buchanan – $14,714.50

2nd – “jickgh_ty” – $10,481.25

3rd – “CandyJohnson” – $8,062.50

4th – “starsettes” – $6,046.87

5th – “ALEE24” – $4,031.25

6th – “BOMON+5+” – $2,821.87

7th – “ANBEJUJA” – $1,612.50

8th – “Daleibz1” – $1,169.06