ShipTheFlip Takes Home The PokerStars Sunday Million!

With the eyes of poker slowly moving away from the WSOP as it draws to a close, many players will have their attentions on the bread and butter of the online game. The PokerStars Sunday million is a favorite for many an online player and is a regular fixture in their poker week.

The influx of players returning home from the World Series Of Poker ensured that this Sunday’s tournament was full to the brim and easily exceeded the guaranteed prize pool.

“ShipTheFlip” took down the win and his second score in the tournament this year, on the final table he beat the likes of poker pro’s Ondrej Vinklarek and Ben Delaney. These two players barely missed out on winning the tournament however they will both be happy with the payouts that they received.

The $215 dollar buy-in event had 5,892 entrants which brought the total prize pool up over the $1 Million guaranteed by PokerStars, if it is below that amount they dip into their own pocket to make up the difference.

ShipTheFlip” took home $182,654 for his effort which was his biggest career win to date. He navigated his way past nearly 6,000 players and finally beat “BAGBAGBAGBAG” heads up to claim his triumph.

“ShipTheFlip” only managed to take the lead when there were just five players still in the tournament; he managed this by doubling up through “Timorm” on a few occasions. The first time was when a pre-flop confrontation between his AQ hearts and “Timorm’s” pocket eights, resulted in him winning the coin flip.

The second occasion involved “Timorm” going all in pre-flop with unsuited QJ; “ShipTheFlip” called with unsuited A8 and managed to stay ahead throughout the community cards. That left four players left, but not for long as “#1StefanLiv” was next to go quickly followed by “dcdilton”, which left just the heads up standing in “ShipTheFlips” way.

He carried a 2.5-1 lead over his opponent at the beginning of the heads up session, which meant it was a real uphill struggle for “BAGBAGBAGBAG”. It only lasted 11 hands, his opponent smelt weakness when “ShipTheFlip” cleverly limped the button with pocket nines, with A3 his opponent moved all in probably hoping to take the pot there and then, however “ShipTheFlip” obviously called. The community cards came out Ad, 9d, 2s, Ac, Kh to give him a full house, the winning prize and the Sunday Million title.

This is not his first payout this year either in the PokerStars Sunday Million, only eight months ago he won $121,000 by coming third, it seems some players are just adept at slicing their way through large amounts of players. It is not an easy task to do, so to make it to the final nine twice in eight months an outstanding achievement.

Something tells me we are going to be hearing a lot more about “ShipTheFlip” in the coming years.