“Skjervoy” Takes Down $162.5k On The High Stakes Tables

The high stakes action on PokerStars was its usual high octane stuff yesterday as Andreas “Skjervoy” Torbergsen put a difficult year so far behind him and managed to secure the day’s best profit of $162.k. He saw a total of 5,000 hands at the $50/$100 Pot Limit Omaha tables and came away as the day’s best player.

On a relatively quiet day on the high stakes tables on PokerStars, “Skjervoy” found himself at the top of the days earners when normally a profit of this amount would not cut the mustard, however for whatever reason many of the top players were away from the virtual felt.

Torbergsen actually played a real mix of variations which included six-max, shorthanded and some heads up action throughout the day, whilst he was up against a real variety of opponents in “The Liar”, “N_Channing”, “VietRussian” and “EireAbu”.

As the high stakes action was fairly quiet yesterday and most of the bigger action happening on the smaller stakes tables, there wasn’t too many big pots. In fact his biggest pot of the day came in a hand against “VietRussian” when he hit his flush on the river to take $37.8k.

“Isildur1” Has One Of His Better Days!

We seem to be talking about this guy every day, as he is either winning big or losing big with the latter being the majority result so far this year. Yesterday however, was one of his more productive days. It did of course involve the usual rollercoaster ride of being up and then down but by the end of the day he recorded a profit of $149.2k.

Unfortunately for “Isildur1”, although he officially recorded that profit for yesterday, he did what he normally does and played past midnight server time and crumbled yet again. This time though he can feel a little hard done by as at one point he surged into a $400k profit.

His luck ran out and should probably have called it a day but in the end lost it all and eventually finished that particular session down by around $250k. In fact he lost around $115k in just one hand to barcode when he was stung by a flush from his opponent on the river.

On a brighter note, despite that poor session he is in fact still up around $100k for the past few days play. We also know that $100k as a win or loss is nothing to the Swede and he will certainly not be happy.

Yesterday’s Biggest Winners!

• Skjervøy +$162.5k

• Isildur1 +$149.2k

• IAmSoSo +$76.4k

• LewisFriend +$64.9k