Some Of The Largest Unanswered Questions About The Full Tilt Revival!

It has only been a couple of days since the big announcement that PokerStars have acquired Full Tilt Poker, and though things are really starting to take shape there are still a selection of questions that continue to be unanswered.

During the next few months, players all over the world will be receiving hundreds of million dollars that have been stuck in the Full Tilt Poker site for the last year and a half. Additionally the poker site will once again be up and running, though this time under the ownership of PokerStars.

Will Everybody Receive 100% Of Their Money?

From what is being said at this given time it does indicate that all players will receive everything they had in the site before it went down, having said that, it will be a much more complicated process for U.S based players.

PokerStars have stated that they expect the site to be back up and running within the next 90 days, meaning that all players from outside of America will have access to their accounts and bankrolls to either play poker with it or withdraw it.

U.S players on the other hand will need to file a form with the DoJ to set in motion the return of their funds. PokerStars are already thinking of a way for U.S players to be able to have access to their accounts to simply check the balance.

What Criteria Is Being Used To Distinguish Between U.S Accounts and Non-U.S Accounts?

PokerStars will be using the approved location stated in the player’s accounts, there is software which can easily tell whether a person signs up from America or say… Europe.

Non-U.S players will have immediate access and be able to continue where they left off, whilst U.S based players will not be able to play due to gambling laws, at least until changes are made to the regulations.

Any U.S players that have moved out of the country to continue their online poker careers will be allowed to continue to play on Full Tilt poker, though PokerStars are still trying to put together a mechanism that will allow this to happen.

What Will Be Happening Concerning Debts Owed To Full Tilt From Pro’s Such As Barry Greenstein?

During this whole scandal it was announced that a selection of poker players actually owed Full Tilt Poker money in the form of loans.

Players included are Barry Greenstein, Phil Ivey and a selection of others. These loans are still expected to be paid back, with Barry Greenstein even confirming that he will do. He has said that he will deal directly with PokerStars on this matter.


So there you have it, some of the more common questions that are being asked and the answers that as far as we can tell are being offered. Of course if anything else was to develop in this saga, we will be right there to tell you exactly what is happening.