Still No Agreement In Place To Reimburse Italian Full Tilt Players

Whereas most of the non-US based players now know that they will be getting their money back one way or another, Italians are still in the dark of how they will receive theirs. Italy is one of those countries that do not allow online gambling, yet PokerStars and the Italian regulator AAMS have still not been able to reach an agreement on how the players will be repaid.

Only last month PokerStars revealed their plans on exactly how they repay the players owed money from the previous ownership of Full Tilt, with it being announced that all players I France, Belgium, Spain, Estonia and Denmark would be able to recover their Full Tilt funds by logging into the PokerStars.XX.XX of their country of which they would then have to link their account to their old FTP one to withdraw the funds.

All other non-US based players will be able to have full access to their funds once the site is re-launched, simply by logging in and either playing with or withdrawing them.

Italian Players!

In total there is around $184 million owed to non-US based players, yet the individual total owed to Italians has not yet been released.

A spokesmen for the AAMS in Italy has announced that discussions are ongoing but they are very complicated, he then went on to add that they cannot guarantee a resolution before the re-launch of FTP on the 6th of November.

He stated that the complications lie in the fact that under the previous ownership, FTP was not actually a recognised company with regards to the Italian market. He used France as example by saying that Full Tilt had a license to operate in the country.

The French regulators ARJEL released a press conference last month revealing that they had come to an agreement with PokerStars which meant that the players would be given a three day window to be able to log into the Full Tilt Poker site to transfer their money out. Once the three days are up they will again close access to the site for French players, additionally these players will not be able to play poker on the site, and they will only have the option to withdraw their money.

US Players!

It is not only the Italian players who are still waiting for information on how they will receive their money, US based players are still waiting for formal word on the subject. The DOJ are still looking for help from a payment processor.

Even US players who now decide to move abroad will still not have access to their funds immediately, though they will be able to deposit and play.