Sulsky Back To Winning Ways With $179k Profit

Ben “Sauce123” Sulsky may be the year’s biggest winner to date on the PokerStars high stakes tables, yet this month he has actually been struggling to keep that going. That was until yesterday of course where he managed to have a good day at the tables.

He had dropped around $600k during October thus far so yesterday’s win of $279k would have been an extremely welcome sum. It not only put an end to a rather torrid run but also put his profit for the year back over the $3 million mark.

He achieved this by steering clear of the nosebleed $200/$400 tables too, which makes his profit for the day even more aplaudable. He plied his trade mainly on the $50/$100 Pot Limit Omaha tables, though he did also have a short spell on the Fixed Limit Omaha Hi/Lo tables which brought a healthy $70k into his account.

On his favoured PLO tables however he made the most of his profit for the day when playing against the likes of “Isildur1”, “verve.oasis”, “Skjervoy”, “MrSweets28” and “TheoJ”.

The fact that the nosebleeds tables were having a quiet day is probably the reason why there were no six figure pots won yesterday to report on. In fact Sulsky’s biggest pot was actually just $67.6k in a hand where he hit a straight to beat off two opponents.

The Day’s Biggest Pots!

That pot was a little short of the biggest two for the day. “Isildur1” lost a large pot of $83.4k when his top set was beaten by a flush of “Harrington10” on the river. Whilst in the second biggest hand of the day “Isildur1” this time again hits a set on the flop and sees it manage to avoid a flush from “MrSweets28” to win $74.6k.

With regards to “Isildur1” he actually had a rather boring day by his standards as he actually didn’t win or lose, he finished break even for the day.

The other big winner yesterday was “TheoJ” who managed to bank a healthy $129.5k for his day’s work, with all of his money coming at the same PLO tables as that of Sulsky.

The Biggest Loser Of The Day!

“FakeLove888” had another bad day at the office as he dropped $222.9k at the virtual felt. That has pushed him over the $1 million mark for losses this year. The player is still unknown though rumours heavily suggest that he is Patrik Antonious, which if that is true it would be wise to remember that he was once down $3 million on Full Tilt within a 3 month period, then won it all back again within the next three months.

Yesterday’s Biggest Winners!

Sauce123 +$179.5k
Theo J +$129.5k
KTPOKP +$73.6k