Sunday Events winners scoop a share of $2.5 million

Pack of Dollars

The latest edition of the PokerStars Sunday Million belonged to German players, with three of them making the final table. A total of 8666 players enlisted, which led to a prize pool of $1,733,200, distributed among 1260 paid places.

“TroopTroop1” made the final table with a healthy stack of 25 million chips, more than the other two players combined and he made the most of his considerable advantage. Those who find the name strangely familiar, should know that the German player also made the final table in December at the WCOOP Challenge Series and won $115,000 as a result of a 5-way deal.

This time it looked like he won’t have to split the prize, but when three handed play began, he agreed to secure $214,000 while playing for the remaining 20,000. “tilt21sted” from Romania and “Nelisschuif7” started the final table with decent stacks but they never got the chance to overtake the leader and fought an uphill battle prior to the deal. “Nelisschuif7” finished in the third-place while “tilt21sted” managed to briefly take the lead at heads-up, only to eventually acknowledged defeat and settle for $176k.

These are the nine players who made the final table this weekend in the PokerStars Sunday Million:

1. TroopTroop1 – $234,028
2. tilt21sted – $176,579
3. Nelisschuif7 – $160,659
4. Gottonik – $86,660
5. Leonmen44 – $69,328
6. ertho435 – $51,996
7. fotis060105 – $34,664
8. jude187 – $19,065
9. matze_widi – $13,432

PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up brought together 3633 players and 540 of them finished in the money, winning a chunk of the $726,600 prize pool. “Heytie” outshined a pack of poker professionals and made the final table with 9 million chips to his name followed closely by Australia’s “random_chu”. The latter failed to reach three handed play and had to settle for a bit over $41,000, while “heytie”, “FOO-92” and “Turist093” were left to fight for the first prize worth $114k.

The three players failed to reach an agreement and soon after “Turist093” was eliminated, leaving “FOO-92” alive in the race for a second PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up title. The German held the chip lead for a brief period of time but a couple of minutes later was eliminated when his opponent hit 2 pairs on the flop

These are the nine players who made the final table and their corresponding payouts:

1. heytie – $114,077
2. FOO-92 – $85,012
3. Turist093 – $59,944.50
4. random_chu – $41,779
5. bechis – $30,880
6. Hellmosca – $23,614
7. Joe “ender555” Ebanks – $16,348
8. BIack88 – $9,082
9. teknotom – $5,812