Sunday Warm-Up: $115,961.37 First Place

The $215 Sunday Warm-up was toted with a $500k guaranteed prize pool. This was dually increased to $728,600 attracting 3693 entrants.

After 11 hours it was Slips713 who came out on top of the field with the 1st place prize of $115,961.37. It was a set of solid online poker performances in the PokerStars tournament that made the event easy to watch as the players put on a fine display of what online poker is all about.

Jnel9 was looking to be the most promising player at was favourite to win just by a nose after he ripped through 3 players eliminating them all one by one in succession to establish his spot as the king of the final table. However, the ruthless spike just emerging from jnel9 in the final hour of the game didn’t jolt Slips713 and he kept his cool all the way to the end.

Some pros were also victim to some ruthless play in one of online pokers highest paying events. We Richard Toth from Team PokerStars give it his best and he managed to hold on into the final third of the tournament, but as his stack dwindled into one of the short stacks he was forced to make a move that didn’t pull off dumping him out of the tournament. He did manage to grind his way back up to over 650k in chips at one point, but as the table dynamics changed into shorthanded play it wasn’t to be.

He three-bet shoved over a 180,000 raise from AGALFARO in the cut off position. AGALFARO had Toth more than covered with $3 million+ in his stack and called with 9h-9c. Toth flipped his cards over revealing a strong two over cards on the pocket 9s with a Js-Ac hand to go. The cards bailed out of the deck with 2d-7c-Kc-Qh-3s giving Toth no help apart from a slight improvement on his outs after the turn putting on a hopeful straight draw that wasn’t to be. Incidentally, AGALFARO went on to finish the tournament in 4th place taking $60,934.50 into his bankroll.

To finish the night off there had to be last hand of the tournament and it was the Slips713 (Canada) and matt86ck (Poland) who were left to battle it out heads up. On the last hand Slips713 was 24,217,392 chips out in front compared to matt86ck’s 12,202,608. Slips713 raised from the button to 600,000, which was double the blind only for matt86ck to re-raise to 1,500,000.

There was a slight pause before Slips713 then shoved holding Kd-As and he was called by matt86ck who was holding Js-Ac. The flop, turn and river gave the hand to Slips713 after 8c-Ah-Kh-Jd-2d with both players hitting the Ace and their kicker, but it was Slip713 with the stronger two pair.

The Final Standings 540 Places Paid

1st – Slips713 – $115,961.37

2nd – matt86ck – $86,416.20

3rd – jnel9-  $60,934.50

4th – AGALFARO – $42,469.50

5th – N1lmar – $31,390.50

6th – yali1961 – $24,004.50

7th – diasbet – $16,618.50

8th – DYBYDX – $9,232,50

9th – DwnByDaBrdge – $5,908.50