Sunday Warm-Up $500k Guaranteed

shutterstock_46658995The PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up has reached a close after 2 weeks on the trot with some of largest prize pools the online event has ever produced.

Previously we saw 3693 entrants creating a $728,000 and $115,961.37 to the winner, but this week that number increased again to 3,735 entrants and a prize pool of $747,000.The extra contestants meant the prize pool stretched the bubble to 540 paid places, so despite the record prize pool first place was reduced slightly from last week’s $115,961.37.

The winner ‘PlayaPlz’ took away $98,556.39 from what was another action packed Sunday rampage in the all out Warm-Up event that guaranteed $500k in the prize pool. This was ‘PlayaPlz’ second Sunday Warm-Up final table improving on his seventh place $23,458.50 cash in March 2011. Well, he was up against it again as the final table got down to just 3-handed play, with all three players looking to pick a spot to make their move on almost every hand.

Before play went on the players made a 3 way deal that would mean the remainder of the prize pool would be split more evenly.

1st – $88,556.39

2nd – $84,000.93

3rd – $83,748.18

With this the aggressiveness of the play finally meant heads-up play came courtesy of a $83,748.93 third place crash when ‘Hestskit’ from Norway lost out on a 22.9 million pot.

‘Hestskit’s turning point came when he lost most of his chip stack to would be second place’s JayP-AA’s pocket sevens. ‘Hestkit’ had ‘JayP-AA’ covered when they both pushed pre-flop stacking up 22.9 million in the middle. ‘JayP-AA’s 7d-7c was revealed with ‘Hestkit’’s also looking in good shape with 2 over cards in the form of Ad-Js.

To begin with the board missed ‘Hestkit’ hole cards, but added 4 more outs to his hand as the 9c-ts-kc flop laid out a gut shot straight draw. In the end it wasn’t meant to be with the flop producing 4s and the river turning over 6h. ‘Hestkit’ was left nursing his wounds and in bad shape with only 1.31 million, a little over 3 big blinds. He crashed 3 hands later to the same opponent.

It took a little over 40 minutes to decide who would end up with the tournament chips, as ‘JayP-AA’ shoved all 34 million chips pre-flop with Qs-Kc and ‘PlayaPlz’ called with 9c-Ah hoping the Ace would give him the final say. The flop came Tc-Kh-2c-As-6s with ‘JayP-AA’ pairing on the flop giving him top air until the turn gave ‘JayP-AA’ the pot with the river card not changing anything.





Final Table Prize Structure (Buy-in $215.00)

1st PlayaPz from Canada $98,556.39

2nd JayP-AA from UK $84,000.93

3rd hestskit from Norway $83,748.18

4th psyhoagromor from Ukraine $42,952.50

5th the_coahman from Sweden $31,747.50

6th yarik1903 from ukraine $24,277.50

7th gigaplayer from Czech Republic $16,807.50

8th fish&chlps from UK $9,337.50

9th nervakSVK from Slovakia $5,976.00