Super Tuesday – “olimasi77” Wins Perfect Christmas Gift

It seems that despite it being the biggest day of celebration throughout the year, Christmas Day didn’t stop everyone from indulging in their favourite past time of playing poker. In fact there were 426 players that decided to take a chance at winning the biggest midweek online poker tournament, with the PokerStars Super Tuesday even managing to beat the $300k guaranteed prize pool with a real figure of $426k.

In reality, we personally can think of nothing better than slumping in front of the laptop after you have stuffed yourself so full of food on Christmas Day, much better than watching countless repeats on the television that’s for sure.

Notables In The Field!

Amongst the more well known players taking part on Christmas Day were PokerStars Team Pros, Toni Judet, Max Lykov and the ever aggressive Nacho Barbero. Each of the PokerStars Pros failed to make the money though as they all missed the top 54 places.

The bubble boy who finished in 55th place and missed out on the minimum payout by one single place was the Canadian player “NeverScaredB” who would have been distraught at not at least getting $2,130.

The Final Table!

By the time we got down to the final nine players remaining, the player seats and chip counts were as follows:

1 – olimasi77 – 164,514

2 – gambler6868 – 242,170

3 – hnidel – 58,308

4 – lolapro – 407,834

5 – kersepit – 404,399

6 – Borso888 – 248,371

7 – MON3Y$HOT – 89,678

8 – azn_baller3 – 232,328

9 – 01.e4 – 282,398

By the time that final table had been reduced down to five players, they agreed to chop a deal as each player was fairly even at that point. This is why the top five all ended up with similar payouts, with them literally agreeing to play for a remaining $6k.

The player that eventually came out on top was “olimasi77”, with the German player eventually dispatching “kersepit” during heads up. When that session started “olimasi77” was actually slightly behind his opponent in chips yet managed to squeeze himself passed his opponent and then saw the chips go into the middle on a flop of Jc-Tc-Kc.

“olimasi77” was in front with the Kc-3h whilst his opponent had plenty of outs with the Ts-Qc. “olimasi77” managed to avoid all of those however as the turn and river fell as 2c-4h respectively.

How it Finished!

olimasi77 – $54,601.24

kersepit – $53,000

01.e4 – $50,038.10

Borso888 – $46,624.18

lolapro – $40,856.88

MON3Y$HOT – $18,105.00

azn_baller3 – $13,845.00

gambler6868 – $9,585.00

hnidel – $7,071.60